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Are You Looking Toward the Light?

Jesus said he came into the world and the world didn’t know him. The Light came into the world and man did not know it, because it was inside of man, and so man looked out into the world and found more darkness. The whole story of Jesus Christ is a story of all of us. That Light came into us and we still reside in darkness because we will not turn to it. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald, May 2012

If I just talk to you about Light, maybe nothing will happen, but regardless of what I say, you may get it, because I share the Light out of the Light. You can’t share what you don’t have in your own purse. You can only give of the coin you have. If you don’t have love and compassion and understanding and Light, you can’t share that. If you have animosity, upset, hatred, wrath or jealousy, then maybe others don’t care to get that type of payment back from you. So you may want to empty that out as much as you can, and then start to fill the purse with gratefulness.

But when the inertia of all of the materiality starts to pull on you, rather than trying to get away from the inertia, you often go to another distraction, and the inertia still pulls on you. The distraction doesn’t save you, and soon it, too, becomes part of the inertia, and starts to pull on you — and all the other things that are attached to that distraction start to pull on you as well.

At some point you are going to want to be saved from all that. If you default on the salvation it’s not going to be nice. I have defaulted quite a few times. I would do at least one of them again because of what I learned, but I wouldn’t do it twice, because the learning was far too severe. You could say I’m really lazy and a coward.

When you’re in that darkness, it’s not a dark night of the soul — it’s a dark existence for an eon. You may not be able to get out until, at some point, someone who has a karmic connection with you comes in and taps you on the shoulder and you go, “Oh, my God, where have you been?” And you almost want to hit them for not getting there sooner.

When you’re so tired of the darkness, something inside of you gives it up. That darkness is the distraction from the Father or the Christ. Jesus said he came into the world and the world didn’t know him. The Light came into the world and man did not know it, because it was inside of man, and so man looked out into the world and found more darkness.

The whole story of Jesus Christ is a story of all of us. That Light came into us and we still reside in darkness because we will not turn to it. We can hear these words and they will not turn us to it. The words just point an arrow. It’s like saying, “Watch this arrow,” and you shoot it into the Light, and the person looks up and they go, “Oh, it’s too light,” and they turn away, and they lost where the arrow went. And then we say, “Here, I’ll shoot a flashy-colored one. Here, I’ll shoot one with swear words on it. Here, I’ll shoot 10,000 different types of arrows.” Maybe you’ll be able to keep your eye on one of them when it hits the target, and you can see through it to all the bright Light, and you head into it. Then we sin no more because we’ve hit the target.

But in this world we have to be extremely careful, once we turn toward that Light, that we don’t whip past it into the dark, because that’s a terror-filled existence. It’s a hateful, spiteful, revengeful, vindictive existence to have once turned and looked into the Light and then come back — because then we see the shadows that the Light casts and we blame all those shadows on the Light — and rightfully so, because without it there would be no shadows. But we could say, “Thank God for the shadows because I know the shadow is directly opposite from where the Light is,” so we just turn back around, and once again we’re back on our way.

We often have to turn from the very food we eat. We spit it out, we don’t even digest it, and we turn back to eat of angels’ food. But once you eat of angels’ food, and then you eat of materiality, you die. You’re cast far away. To use a drastic term, we go back to a molecular beginning. And we come through all the evolution, from molecules through minerals and gases and woods and earth and animals, and finally someday to this place where you are now.

Only God has the knowledge of how long that takes any particular being, and probably He doesn’t know how long it’s going to take. He just knows how long it has taken, because He’s outside of it watching the movement. It’s still a game. The game is played seriously when we’re thwarted in the hormonal movement of our beingness — where we say, “I must have this because I’m a sugarholic or chocaholic or alcoholic or sexaholic,” or whatever the addictive pattern is.

The only message we can ever really tell anyone is to keep your eyes open and don’t listen to your own internal PR. And be sure you don’t listen to the PR of someone who is down in the darkness and is pulling you toward them, because they will make that look like the place of comfort. And it will be, because you can close your eyes and rest and it will be dark. When you open them, eons will have gone by. And the one you were resting with may have had their eyes open and left eons ago, so you’re there by yourself anyway.

If you’re going to be by yourself, be in God’s arms. It’s the best place to be because when you wake up, you’ll still be in God’s arms. If you’re doing anything other than that, I just say good luck, or really, God luck — because only God is really good and the rest of us are mediocre, or working at it.

That’s not a put-down statement, that’s a reality statement — because look how much better we have done over the years than we did the years before. What was good at the time turns out to be mediocre based upon where we’re looking from now. And this is mediocre now based upon where we’re going to be in the height of glory five or ten or fifteen years from now. These teachings will have changed and evolved. If you come back to this time, or you go back ten years to some other time, and you read the information as it was given then, it will be mediocre to you or worse, because you’ll have been above and through that.

I heard a comedian say that if you’ve been starving for a long time, and somebody gives you a saltine cracker, that’s the best one in the whole world. But after you’ve eaten forty or fifty saltine crackers you say, “Wait, I want a graham cracker,” because it seemed really good when it was scarce, but now when there’s a lot of it, it loses its appeal.

Spirit has a similar scarcity from our human viewpoint. But when we get into the tremendousness of it, we become speechless and we have awe. The Bible says to stand in fear and trembling before the Lord. It’s a mistranslation. It should say, “to stand in awe and trembling before the Lord.” That awe is respect — like, “Wow, oh, wow, look who’s here.” That type of feeling is transcendental and transformational.

Seek that one. Then, even if you can’t seek the Traveler consciousness inside, everyone you meet becomes honored, not according to your methodical moral or ethical concepts, but through unconditionality. It doesn’t mean that you stop and spend all day with a person, but it does mean that the Christ in me honors the Christ in you, and I don’t have to take all day to say that. I can just glance around and it says it. When it hits the eyes of people it says it. I can’t say it. It’s a lie once it comes out of my mouth, because it falls short of the truth.

Go beyond any message or word, because these outer teachings are not the teachings of Soul Transcendence. These are the planks and the stickers and the spears that prod you on. These teachings are not to be lived; they are to be utilized to point the way to where we’re going, and then they’re to be dropped as unnecessary.

But they’re not to be spurned or burned up or denigrated because if you fall, you have the way back up again. And each time you go faster and faster. In spiritual exercises as well, when you go in, you go in faster and faster. We also have innerphasings, where you do a key touch and have instant access to the basic self without having to go through a ritual to get to there. You tell it, “Behave, it’s fine,” and you let go, and it goes, “Okay, fine.”

These are the shortcuts on the long route. Some people are going to go a lot faster because they’ve fallen so many times that they know where all the falls are, and they’re just not going to do that.

So never measure yourself against somebody else’s standard in the material world because you can’t tell an old soul (who is very experienced here on this level) from a new soul who is inexperienced. A new soul is naive and an old soul is simple-minded. You can tell one that’s growing (in between young and old) because of the sophistry they present. But the old souls know the whole game, and they think, “Why bother, I’m going to be through this time, so I’m just going to sit back and rock.” The young soul says, “I’m going to go out and play in the playpen or do almost anything, because I don’t know what’s going on,” and it will learn what’s going on.

Working with me is easy. You just do the work. I can be ruthless, and disregard myself and others, to go get somebody and turn them around really fast. I’ve taken people on trips, or maybe to a movie. I’ve actually driven down the street, stopped, picked up somebody, and they say, “I’m to get initiation from you.” I say, “I know, this is your third one.” They recite to me what they got, and I give them the next one.

There are just so many ways that this work is going on. Who can tell what a Traveler does and doesn’t do? Not even a Traveler. They just do anything, and everything, any or all of the time. Sometimes they do absolutely nothing for a long time. Maybe they’re going into the silence, because God has said, “Now, we have silence in this area.”

The hardest thing to do is to stand at the top of the tower and tell people, “Come up here,” and they can’t do that. Then they turn and go back down and disperse, and you sit there going, “Okay.” You still stand on the top of the tower waiting for them to come back, and they start to walk up again. When they get close to the top and they’re saying, “I’m tired,” you say, “Hi! Hi!” And they go, “How did you get up there?” You say, “Over here, watch this, be careful, this last part is tricky, don’t look down.” And they look down, and you go, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!” And they look up and you go, “Keep looking, keep your eyes on me.” And then inside you say, “I’m keeping my eyes on the Lord.”

The Traveler is always using tricks, because as sophisticated as we get, he is more so. We say, “Lord, throw me down a rope.” And He goes, “Fine.” You don’t grab it, you tie it around you, because if you grab it you can let go, but if you tie it around you, wherever He goes He’s going to be dragging you. He’s not just going to be able to get away.

I used to tell one of my little dogs that if he ran away from me he’d get in trouble, but if he came back he would never get in trouble. I would ask him, “Where’s a safe place?” And he would jump up in my lap and cuddle up. It’s the same place with the Lord. When that dog jumped up in my lap, everybody had to stand back and wait for him to finish because that safe place also has eternal time. I would seek that place in yourself, where you can cuddle up to YOU, no matter what you have done.

I used to work with a really sweet woman, and when we were in seminars she used to rock back and forth, or side to side. I used to sit and look at that, and I’d think, “She’s rocking herself, how sweet.” While we were meditating I’d sit and watch her. One day she lifted off the chair a bit. Then she came back down again and she said something like, “I think I lifted off the chair.” I said, “You did, I saw you.” She was so cuddled up in that, that the power just lifted her.

I thought, “God, I wish I could have that.” So I would cuddle up to her — but it never transferred over to me. Then I knew I had to back off and put my eyes on the same place she had her eyes if I was going to have that. She had her eyes on the Traveler, and so that’s where I put my eyes. And it was good.

Sometimes I think it might have been nice to have done it a little differently here or there, but it was really so perfect. I wouldn’t sit in separation or alienation because it will kill you where you stand — and the people around you too — because it is a killer. It’s such a hurtful place that if somebody sees you in that, they will ignore you rather than do anything to make you hurt more. I stay clear of those people by staying away from them, because I know that what they have chosen to go through is their bitter root to eat.

I ate. I’ve eaten a lot. And I’m not going to eat for anybody else. I’ll tell them what they’re doing, and if that fits, that’s okay, and if it doesn’t, one day their experience will tell them what they’re doing or not doing.

Keep doing the spiritual exercises. Keep attempting to find out how this is anchored in you but you don’t have all the access to it yet. It doesn’t give you knowledge; it just gives an anchor point. The knowledge is what you learn from it, because it is also the teacher. I’m a wayshower, not a teacher. I present things. I haven’t been able to teach anything.

I have my wishes, and I wish everybody would look toward the Light. And my hopes — I hope you will look. And my desire is into God.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Jennifer Vickery

    what strength and courage you give me, how I praise God for my connection to you. Bless your soul dear J R.

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