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John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, Steve Beimel and Jsu Garcia with the MSIA ministers and initiates in Japan, 2023

Living Love with the Traveler in Japan 2023

It was an incredible, cathartic experience walking with Zane Morton to the airport to check in to fly to Japan. I was previously in Japan before there even was a Zane. I was in Japan when Zane was in a stroller. There were many previous times with J-R that I had along with John and Laura and their kids. We had a lot of shared experience of being in Japan. As I recall, the first time J-R saw Claire was in Japan.  And now I’m in Japan with Zane, who is now 26 and taller than me.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience of how much time has passed. The youth are taking over.

As Zane and I were talking, I realized Japan hadn’t been open for quite a while because of the quarantine, and it had been coming up on almost two or three years. And during this time, I was keeping my sights on initiations and what countries needed initiations and ordinations. I was also keeping information between Candace Semigran and I open (Candace coordinates initiations). I had my eyes set on Japan, making sure that initiations are getting done, as best as I can.

My ministry is to support John-Roger’s works, including those organizations he founded—MSIA, USM, Insight, Educare—anything that J-R touched, I’m there to support and help. At the heart of J-R was his initiation of the Soul, the Sound Current, and the Sound and Light show, and I love being a part of that. Since J-R’s passing in 2014, I’ve always been in contact with that essence, initiations and ordinations, the MSIA ministry. This is the heart of J-R and being involved in that I’m constantly in contact with J-R and the J-R energy, the initiations. I was remembering the late Mark Holmes, God bless his Soul. Mark would travel through Japan and do initiations. And I knew that I wanted to step up into that and do it if I could. And there was an opening for me to do so.

Zane and I talked about going to Japan as he’s been wanting to go, and before you know it, we’re on a flight. And John Morton, coincidentally, had an opening in his schedule, leaving Australia on the 20th so he and Leigh met us in Japan.

Since everything is color coordinated in Japan, I just focused on color as I was traveling from the airport. Taking the bullet train to and from Narita to Kyoto was a blast with Zane because Japan is probably one of the last countries to open up since COVID. There was quite a protocol with QR code scanning and queues to do as we arrived, and a lot of pre-check in things that you have to do with vaccination cards and this and that. Ultimately, we were there.

I saw Japan in a different light. I experienced an understanding and a flow—not allowing the characters of the Japanese language to trick me into not knowing what the heart speaks. It was the first time I walked through Japan with my heart and not my mind. And I thought that they’re just like us, and I don’t have to worry about the language.

We ran into Steve Beimel. It was great to see Steve since the passing of his son. Love and light to Ron Beimel’s soul. It was an incredible experience of being with John, Leigh, Zane, and Steve Beimel along with the initiates and ministers in Japan. The Traveler arrived into Kyoto, and the sky cracked open and the Spirit poured into a different consciousness.

On the morning of the 23rd, John shared that his “morning briefing” was to get the teachings out to the Japanese people. I was in alignment with that. Absolutely! And so there were wonderful things that went down that are sacred. There were meetings that were very sacred with the Japanese initiates and ministers. In a very wabi sabi situation, we were in a Japanese traditional-looking restaurant, but it was Chinese food. And in that restaurant, John and Leigh did a planetary blessing. Then John held a seminar, and it was classic and very, very spiritual. We took a tour with Steve, and it was very personal, sacred, and public.

The Japanese tour for me really opened up a lot of expansion inside myself; I had a lot of dream experiences and the singing that allows the doors of manifestation to open to all and to me. It was very personal, very life-changing, and very cathartic. It was a beautiful experience to behold—serving ministers and initiates around the world, and I continue to know that it’s God’s money that supports me and allows me to travel the world to help and connect with initiates. There’s nowhere on earth I wouldn’t go to connect Initiates to the sound and to the travelers John Morton and J-R and into Jesus. It gives me inspiration. It gives me purpose, and as long as I’m healthy I’ll continue. Everything that I do I check with J-R Inside of me. I have my “morning briefings”. And as long as it’s clear inside of me, this is what I’ll do and continue to do in the name of J-R and all that he is. God bless.

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  1. So much beauty… natural.. architectural… human… thank you for your words and pictures, Jsu… and Light FTHGOAC for the trip this summer and for all of Japan and our Japanese cousins!

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