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Vania Simeonova at Prana, April 2023

The Journey of One Bulgarian Soul to PRANA in the U.S.

I don’t remember when I first heard about “Prana”. I don’t remember anyone explaining to me exactly what Prana is, how it was created by J-R and what Prana is today. It’s as if some part of me knows and has always known about Prana, what it is, where it is, about the life that still quietly takes place in Prana.

Now as I write, I realize for the first time the name of the place that J-R left as a quiet haven and a starting, ending and recharging point for his students. “PRANA” – just like the ancient Hindu word for life energy, for the life we breathe in and out, for the breath we cannot live without and which is life, for the breath that is our every Here and Now.

Prana greeted me white and silent. It’s the first time that I’m in the States, the first time I’m in LA, it’s the first time I’m getting off at LA airport and I’m being driven by a car along some boulevards that I’ve only seen so far in movies. And yes, like in the movies, I’m waiting for that infamous traffic where every pedestrian is faster than every car they put on the screen. But today, when I land and went to my Prana, even the traffic in LA is “like on water”, as we Bulgarians say, it means very smooth. And without anything suggesting this, suddenly from the typical LA boulevard we find ourselves in the white quiet oasis, where Roel says with a big smile: “Welcome in Prana!”


Even though I fell asleep in the car and am just waking up, I kind of know her. Imagine, all of you who have come here countless times, falling asleep in the car in the middle of LA Boulevard, and opening your eyes to Prana’s main white exterior staircase, right between the two majestic lions! How can I describe it and does it make sense? This will be a memory inside me, for a long time, and I’m sure you understand me! White, quiet, contrasting with everything outside, outside the fence, inexplicable in words, but which everyone understands… yes, like the soul, just like the soul! Now I realize, my soul entered the Prana first, and the senses of my body were asleep on the way to the Prana, as if to give the soul – which I am – the opportunity to enter there first, as it really should be.

Accommodation, fatigue, insomnia because of the time difference, food, a lot of food, a whole room, a fridge with food, people who are at home there and it is obvious, and we, from Bulgaria, are a little noisier than everyone, because that is how we were born and with this being ourselves talking at the same time as if we don’t hear each other but we know each other. The joy of seeing old friends, our teachers and facilitators, our lights on the path to Prana… going to LA, waking up, adapting, the Getty Museum, the Grammys museum, modern art museum oh my GOD they really show Andy Warhol live, on the free floor, Disney Hall, endless miles of sun, sunrises and sunsets.. oh not to forget to write about the cheesecakes. Why did a friend of mine tell me there wasn’t much to see in LA, where was that woman?! You understand me, don’t you, because I was out of breath while writing it. Yes, the Hollywood Museum is a must-go, it’s a bit hidden away, but it must be found.

And I need to say some more about Prana. There was a day when I stayed there alone, without our group. It had to be, but I had also chosen that. A day in silence in Prana. It’s as if I, the soul, are tiptoeing there alone. I felt the energy of the place as soon as I got into bed the first night. Special but also familiar, strong but not intrusive, protective. And a relieved internal sigh of relief, as if I really had come home, regardless of the fact that I physically walked in here half an hour ago. When I am attuned and cleansed of the human in me, it is strong, as if the body does not need to sleep, as if half-sleep is sleep and time disappears.

So about the day when I’m left alone, without my group, in Prana…usually my speech flows gracefully, but I’ve clearly been through a lot, so everything has to be told and this time the speech skips. It’s as if I remember this day best, I am still experiencing it now the most vividly and…the most difficult I can tell. I remember my speechlessness, how I smiled and communicated with all the permanent residents there with only eyes and a smile. It was enough, it was full. I’ve experienced before how redundant words can be for true and genuine connection. This day I walk for the first time slowly and at will in the gardens of Prana. I look at the flowers, the pebbles, how the water flows, how the insects enjoy the flowers. I listen to them, I listen to how they communicate. Yes, they do that too, I think, just like us, they communicate. I listen to how the water does not stop its chatter, quiet, chirping, light, but persistent and continuous. Now thus I hear the murmur of water in the gardens of Prana. Like forever.

For the first time I stand before the labyrinth in Prana. I have seen it so many times on video in the courses that my dear friends Goro and Hrisi do for us in Bulgaria. In fact, they have prepared us well for Prana, with everything shown, with everything told, with everything brought to Bulgaria by Prana. THANK THEM! And I thanked them that day, and now too… The Labyrinth in Prana Live is not like the Labyrinth from the PTS course. Not at all. Live, I stand in front of it and it’s as if everything else behind me disappears. Just this white circle in front of me and me. And right now, do I even need to go through it, or just enjoy the feeling of it being just me and the maze, nothing else?! I’m a little “chilling”, I don’t want to spoil my condition, I don’t want to ask today, to look for answers, I have my day of silent silence, of peace, unity, of eternal romance… of whiteness, simplicity and naturalness in me. “What” can I do I ask, what should I look for? And precisely the labyrinth, which naturally gives answers in every spiritual science and school, gives me the feeling of not even leaving, because sometimes there is not even anything to ask, nothing to look for.

I found myself in the Sunroom one very early morning. So early that I thought I was the first to awaken in Prana. And … I went with my blanket there, fully convinced that I would meditate alone … Mmm, serious competition, I could hardly find a chair to meditate, and only me with a blanket/ But in Prana it can be like that, so different outwardly, so humanly expressed sometimes, but so alike in their silence and in their inward singing! So much for the Sunny room, what happens in it stays there, or more precisely, in the Soul, which experienced the hidden there, discovered new depths of its own, new shades of its own, eh… the soul is a soul and that’s it! Of all the places in Prana, the view from the “Sunroom” is the most beautiful, the most grand, the most comprehensive and the most “above things”. And it’s still sunny, really. As if to show at least the sight of what might happen inside and to experience that particularly blissful oneness with the horizon when the eyes timidly begin to open after meditation.

In Prana we are on the day that for two thousand years has reminded the world what the reward is when the Divine is chosen and stands above the human. Tradition usually calls it Resurrection, but it is a reminder of the True, eternal and natural at the same time, of the power of the Soul and Spirit of man when they choose the relationship with the Creator and place it above all else. The day it is written that the son of God rose from the dead, returning to his Father. I love this day. I love him, he was special to me and I am quietly happy inside myself that this year on this day I am in the White Prana. I am in the “Upper Room” of the quiet white Prana, on the day my brother Jesus “resurrected” to leave an example, a trail, a path, an influence for the next 2000 years.

“He was born in a remote village, the child of a peasant woman, worked in a carpenter’s shop and was an itinerant preacher. He never wrote a book. He never had an office or a position. He did none of the things we usually associate with greatness. 19 centuries have come and gone, and today he is the central figure in the human race. All the armies that have ever marched, all the fleets that have ever sailed, all the kings that have ever reigned, taken together, have not affected human life on this planet AS THAT ONE SOLITARY LIFE.” (poem attributed to Dr. James Allen Francis)

In the “Upper Room” of the white Prana I am this day. With people who have been following J-R’s teachings for 35 years. With the Traveler who is in the flesh with us today, with Leigh, David, oh, how I want to write about them too! And with Sherie who organizes this “Upper Room” and who herself carries with her all of it at all times, who bestows warmth literally and figuratively in Prana, and who is a walking school of all that the symbol of “Prana” teaches! And to her, – THANK YOU! She knows why! And it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Nicole – this blonde angel in Prana! Nicole arrives and immediately has to hug everyone, love them, take care of them, make everyone feel at home with her. How beautiful is this Nicole, isn’t she? And how it only serves! Have you noticed that while we enjoy the “Upper Room” it consistently serves as the storehouse of Prana? And THANKS to her, and she knows why!

And in This Room, in the white Prana, I receive a silent priceless gift from a lady with whom I just did one of the exercises. As I stand with my eyes closed, resting in silence, from the silence of the hands touching mine, a gift pours into my palms! A purple-pink translucent heart, with the Hu symbol on it! I don’t know exactly what I gave the Soul partnering with me during the exercise, but we were really intimate! I have received many gifts in my life. Some I no longer remember, I admit, though I appreciate the receipt. But this Gift I will experience long moments when I close my eyes! The heart is with me in Bulgaria, some say “AH, what a wonderful medallion you brought from the States!” Silently, inside me, I tell them “And you have no idea what, really!” The medallion that my Soul received in the “Upper Room” of my first, silent, white Prana.

Thanks to all the Invisibles and Visibles who made this happen!

I thank God, our Father and Creator, our beginning and end, whose mercy, goodness and generosity gave us all this!

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