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Communicating Living Love

The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness focuses very directly on loving as its purpose. If you are wondering what we’re about, we are about living love, how to communicate that and make that a practical way of living in this world. – John Morton

This article by John Morton comes from John’s sharing at a “Communicating Living Love” workshop held in June 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Every once in a while, people ask me about my purpose. I consider it’s very much involved with living love. John-Roger shared his affirmation, “I communicate living love.” I consider that affirmation something our soul would say. So every soul, when it’s in its affirmation, when it’s in its expression, would say “I communicate living love.”

The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness focuses very directly on loving as its purpose.  If you are wondering what we’re about, we are about living love, how to communicate that and make that a practical way of living in this world.  Some of us have been at it most of our lives.  I find it takes great practice, dedication, and a lot of humility.  Some days it can be quite challenging and mystifying.

Consider that you’re here for living love. You’re invited to make it a practical focus in your life. If you’re going to dedicate your life to love, you might want to know what we consider that to be. Here’s a way John-Roger expressed it, from his book “Living Love from the Spiritual Heart.”

Love is the essence of all creation, the glue that holds everything in its place in relation to all other parts and that allows it all to function. Everything is a manifestation of love, and loving is about the closest term I’ve come up with for the energy of spirit.

We are in a movement of spiritual inner awareness. We could also say we are in a movement of loving inner awareness. Those terms are very much synonymous with one another. We look at spirit as a loving consciousness, an entirely loving consciousness. What’s the difference between what is love and what is loving? John-Roger wrote:

Loving is a process that happens inside you through the grace of spirit by your own ability to be in touch with the God within. The loving that you have for yourself, for one another, is God’s love. There isn’t any other love. Your loving heart is God’s loving heart. Your body is God’s body. The God that you are is all of the other gods. In God, you have your living and breathing, your coming in and your going out, your death and your resurrection. The whole spectrum of your life takes place within God. And anyone who is residing in the power of love is never destroyed, never separated, always free, always up, always growing.

Take that in. You don’t need to believe it. You don’t need to already know this in some personal way. This may become something you want to experience. You can experience living love as a realization of who you are as an intention. It can be a discovering of who you are. This is a way of relating to living love.

Living love is not just loving from some place deep within you but living love with every breath. When you breathe in, love breathes in. When you breathe out, love breathes out. Living love also means that your love extends unconditionally to all things. You love everything present, no exceptions. Living love doesn’t care whether you’re black or white, female or male, drunk or sober, this or that. It is the expression of the loving heart which knows no limitations, conditions, or restrictions. It just is, equally.

What is loving consciousness?

When you bring yourself into loving consciousness with all things and with the one consciousness that is everywhere, peace and harmony will enfold your heart and you will recognize within every level of your beingness that there is only love. Let love be your guide, your breath, your life, then you live in the heart of God and are renewed every moment through His love.

I’m going to share with you what we found as “Seven Keys to Living Love.” The first key is to look at everything through love, to see through the eyes of love. In our teachings, in our classes, in our focus, we are always looking at how to make living love something we are conscious of doing.

The next key is to give up every reason not to be loving. That’s easy! Ha! Can you imagine a loving drill sergeant, making you drop fifty more so you’ll give up every reason not to be loving? “Drop now! Give me fifty loving pushups!”

The next key is love yourself first so that you can love others. I hope you understand how practical that is. In our teachings, we have a guideline to “Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.” We could change that to “Love yourself so you can help love others.” It’s important to find the loving within you, so you know you are a source of loving. If you’re not loving yourself and then think you’re loving others, watch out. Be careful. Often what we think is loving isn’t necessarily loving. It’s something conditional.

The next key is to love yourself anyway.

When things are going badly, sit down and say, I love me anyway.

You may have some resistance to loving yourself. You may find some reason why you won’t love yourself. The key is to just love yourself anyway.

Keep loving yourself.  Keep on keeping on, keep loving yourself and keep on keeping on Even your negative experiences are gifts from spirit to build your strength, your awareness, your empathy and your loving. So thank God for them. When you are secure in your knowledge of God’s love for you, you know that everything that happens is to lift you and move you closer to your own divinity. I found out a long time ago that what the Lord does is perfect and there’s nothing designed to hurt or harm us.

That may take a while to understand. Stay open to the loving so you have the opportunity to understand there’s nothing designed to hurt or harm you.

The next key is to let divine loving flow through you. Letting divine love flow through you is very easy. I’m going to leave it at that.

The next key is to listen with loving. That’s about how we hear, so we would hear with loving, that loving would be the receptacle. It can also be how you receive all experiences. Those experiences could be mental, emotional, through the physical senses, in every way. Allow yourself to receive it in loving and take it to the loving. One of the great teachings John-Roger expressed and demonstrated is this amazing ability to take any experience to the loving, to source it within his consciousness in the loving, and then demonstrate how that works.

Always speak kind words and speak from loving.

That’s the seventh key – to speak with loving. Another easy thing to do! This may be one of those experiences where it humbles you at times to listen and speak in loving. To speak with loving takes great awareness, a master level of awareness to communicate living love.

Baruch Bashan

Invocation of Living Love

Let’s consider what we’re about to do together is an invocation of living love.
I encourage you to be open to that.

There is a Light that is with this consciousness we call the Christ, the Holy Spirit.
There is also a consciousness working with us that we refer to as the Traveler.

You’re being attuned to your living love, to the power of this love.

This living love can solve whatever needs solving, heal whatever needs healing,
bring clarity to you, bring joy and peace and understanding. 

Let’s consider we’re in a process now where we open up to letting go.
We are trusting in this Light.
We are trusting that we are surrounded, protected, and filled in a way that allows us
to see the good and to let go of whatever is not serving any longer as any form of
negativity, hurt, fear, whatever would restrict us from living love.

You are opening up so that can be released, that it is all being done for the highest good.

We can also relax.
We can breathe in this blessing.
We can be aware that this radiant Light, this presence, is completely filling us,
surrounding us, and bringing forward greater experiences of living love. 

Baruch Bashan. That just means these blessings are present.

Note: “Living Love from the Spiritual Heart” by John-Roger is available free of charge as a gift to you at  John’s Morton’s series of three blessings books are also available at as is “Blessings This Day”, a collection of ten blessings by John, compiled into one video, that is available in MP4 or DVD formats with English and Spanish subtitle options.

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    Dearest John – When I heard the name of this year’s Conference of The Power of Living Love, this Affirmation came to me:

    “My Prayer & Intention Here and Now is to as fully receive, realize, embrace and manifest The Power of Living Love as much as I am able in all aspects of my life FTHGAC.”

    Not at all surprisingly, within days Spirit brings me in this article by you SO MANY keys to assist me with this affirmation! Thank you for BEing. I love you, Always, Rama

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