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MSIA Presidency Update – June 2023

We are weeks away from kicking off the Conference of The Power of Living Love on June 21, with the PTS Graduate Commencement Ceremony and the Gathering of Peacemakers.  All the Conference events this year are open to the public (besides Sunday’s ministers and initiates meetings). The Power of Living Love Workshop facilitated by Joey Hubbard and David Rayner will be an expansive, fun, and celebratory experience as we discover practical resources to use every day to direct the power of love, to shape and transform all areas of our inner and outer life. Of course, John Morton is scheduled to participate in all the conference events. We look forward to seeing you in person at Prana, or online.

Recently, we ran across a great J-R response to a question about service.

Question: How do you see the importance of service in one’s spiritual life?

John-Roger:   Oh, just really tantamount to number one.  There are two spiritual lives.  There is yours inwardly and what you do, and then there is yours out here in the world and what you do.

In the world of HeartFelt, Jeffrey Morgan and Lori Matson held their first Monthly HeartReach Rep and Volunteer meeting in May. This will be a monthly Zoom call where HeartReach volunteers can connect, brainstorm, and support each other as we continue to manifest the vision of having HeartReach support in every MSIA community across the world. Joanie Clingan edits our HeartReach Bulletin which is now offered weekly. More than ever we are being called to send Light to our beloved MSIA family and to even seed for their well-being. Joanie has also been a steady and ever-ready beacon for Circle of Light. We thank all of you who have continued to ensure that we have coverage for 24 hours a day of holding for individuals in transition.

Brianna Wilkinson continues to work closely with Jeffrey in identifying potential service projects out in the community. For anyone who feels called to serve, we would love to help you create a service project that our MSIA family can support. Jeffrey has committed to trying out different service work opportunities around Los Angeles and is really having a blast doing that.

Hopefully, you are all enjoying our new HeartFelt Newsletter “Living in Service – Answering the Call.” It’s such a pleasure reading about the beautiful service being done by the MSIA community around the planet, and we look forward to sharing more about HeartFelt’s work out in the world as well. You can share your story of heartfelt service by emailing It’s a privilege to serve alongside members of this family. Truly, we are blessed to have each other and this work.

Last month we mentioned a new feature on the web site to find Soul Awareness seminars around the world.  It is now live in the Find a Soul Awareness Seminar link and there are already 14 seminars listed.  Please tell all your friends about it.  If you are a MSIA seminar leader, you should have received an email about how to publish your seminar.   If not, go to the student dashboard section for seminar leaders and click on the link: Publish Your Seminar.

The new Help Center at the very top menu of (as well as in the quick links and in the footer of every page) has more tutorial videos now.   We hope you find the Help Center has the answers you are looking for and, if not, there is email and phone contact information there too for direct assistance.

God Bless you and thank you for participating in MSIA and for all that you give in so many ways. As J-R would constantly remind us, “It is the loving that makes all this work.” We love and appreciate you!

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark

MSIA Presidency Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Sherie


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