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Andreina Garban

The Choice of My Heart

A note from Samaneh Vaezi:
Beloved Andreina Garban kindly shared with me a beautiful piece — I’d say a poem — she had written. It really touched my heart, and inspired me. I thought maybe other folks might find value in it, so I am sharing it with you (with her permission). It goes like this:

In the midst of anger, be loving…

and in the midst of being loving, love some more

In the midst of self-doubt, trust God…

and in the midst of trusting God, surrender

In the midst of separation, reach out and embrace the heart…

and in the midst of reaching out and embracing the heart, connection will prevail

In the midst of fear, observe and take a tiny step…

and in the midst of observing and taking a tiny step, expansion takes place

In the midst of judgment, listen, let the heart speak…

And in the midst of listening and letting the heart speaks, acceptance embraces all

In the midst of confusion, pause and love myself…

And in the midst of pausing and loving myself, clarity arises like a sunrise

In the midst of loneliness, embrace life to the fullest…

And in the midst of embracing life to the fullest, joy comes to be the friendly partner

In the midst of regret, forgive and be compassionate…

And in the midst of forgiving and being compassionate, the greatest love of all happens

In the midst of this moment, gratitude and thankfulness make me smile…

And in the midst of all I will always have the choice of my heart.

Andreina Garban

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