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The Traveler’s Visit in Philadelphia

The Travelers’ team were in Philadelphia from April 23-29, blessing our east coast city of brotherly love and its environs.

Vincent Dupont, Angel Harper, Jackie Peterson and Bruce Rosenfeld, along with Jsu Garcia, Cort Neuhoff and Roel Rats offered light support for MSIA light services. Joan Victoria Kurkian arranged hotel accommodations and Betsy Washburne helped put the many pieces of the service schedule together. We had 5 days of 90 plus services taking place. People received aura balances, polarity balances, innerphasings and initiations. These service recipients left the Hyatt Hotel location squeaky clean and better able to see through the eyes of loving, the eyes of God, clearer and gifted by John, J-R and the Traveler’s work.

We also hosted 4 MSIA events in addition to these services.

Peter and Shawn Bort opened their home and hearts to John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton and MSIA travel staff and key local MSIA community volunteers. We experienced a cornucopia of fun, fellowship, food and conversation. This time together was a blessing, after these covid years of less physical connection. There was such bounty and peace flowing, along with yummy food made by our volunteers. A big turkey plus so many side dishes felt like a true Thanksgiving of the heart, as well as the belly! I become so aware of how blessed I/we are to be with those who are looking to the light and love as our key intention. I think we all left this evening richer and fuller in appreciation and gratitude for being on this path of the Traveler and in the gift of caring service and fellowship.

On Friday evening, the MSIA PA ministerial board offered a ministers meeting. Approximately 80 ministers were in attendance, in addition to those online. The light lit us up, along with the United Lutheran Seminary, where the meeting was held. I may be redundant here, but it is so good to be together in the light, to bless each other, bless our world, and receive of the healing of memories and the uplifting grace the Traveler Consciousness offers. John and Leigh and staff also joined in this energy. Thanks to Roger Wakefield, Sally Weaver, Suzanne Blatstein, Margaret Facey-Campbell, Lee Blatstein, and Elizabeth Frumin for the leg ( and grunt) work of preparing an environment for this time, and to Debbie Flynn who chaired and ran the meeting.

The following day, Saturday, was filled with two events: an open workshop called, Meeting the Challenges with Spirit and a Q&A seminar for Discourse subscribers with John Morton. Light to Mair Gillies who helped with communications and registrations, and those others who offered behind the scenes service toward this manifestation.

The MC for the PTS workshop, lovely Lauren Nappen, introduced Leigh Taylor-Young. Leigh led us in this journey of inner exploration, with her usual finesse, beauty and loving. Our team captain, Marianne Sladzinski managed many of the moving parts for these events. Newcomers and old timers lifted in awareness. PTS classes tend to do that for all involved.

After a break, John Morton shared his Traveler wisdom with a questions and answers seminar. Lee Blatstein welcomed John to the students of Soul Transcendence. We lovers of God, sat and received of John’s ministry, whether we asked a personal question, or not. We bathed in the light and sent light in this communion of hearts.

We have been taught that “where two or more are gathered in my Name, there I am also.” We are loved. God is present, in and through all things. We all gathered in these events: basic, conscious and high selves, along with the myriad of guests who accompany us inwardly, joined together. We were loved and remembered back into this body of love, to this loving direction of Soul Transcendence and to the blessings that already are. Thank you MSIA. Thank you, Traveler. Thank you is our prayer to God and to all involved in this ministry.

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