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Sindy Wilkinson receiving her Doctor of Spiritual Science hooding by John Morton at PTS Graduation at the Conference of the Power of Living Love, June 21, 2023

The Power of Living Love in Oneness — God’s Blessings Bestowed

“God Bless You,” the Traveler whispered in my ear. Loving and Joy filled my heart, even greater. Moments before, I’d heard my Practical Treatise title read aloud and I felt an alignment and anchoring all though me. Yes! After 7 years of study (well actually lifetimes of study – falling and getting up again, and 7 years of MSS/DSS study), the Traveler sealed the graduation moment with a gentle blessing and a heartfelt hug.

Around me were my fellow students, beloved facilitator Deborah Martinez, family, and friends. In that moment, kneeling before God, as the hood of Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) was placed over my head, we were indeed all One in my Heart. I am not usually one for rituals and graduation ceremonies, but this one meant a lot – this one symbolized the depth of the journey taken to discover the true meaning of being, of choosing to be Loving, and the natural expression of it through my Joyful Soul.

I treasure each moment: the chaos of the graduation rehearsal (how many doctorates does it take to figure out how to line up in alphabetical order?!), that somehow smoothed out into a seamless ceremony; hugging and connecting with friends and classmates who have existed in little 2 dimensional boxes on Zoom for so many years – (oh my goodness, that’s what you look like from the chest down!); putting on the regalia and figuring out, together, how to wear the tam (not my best look); trying not to melt because it was so hot in that garb, and yet cherishing the pomp and circumstance of it all; taking pictures, then lining up and with respectful joyfulness aligning with Spirit’s purpose as the processional began.

There was something incredibly symbolic in walking down the gorgeous ornate staircase at Prana to our glorious Non Nobis music. I felt myself bursting with joy as I walked and watched my classmates regally make their way down the stairs and then one by one be hooded by our Traveler John Morton and receive their diplomas. I was aware that I really Know these people, and they Know me. We were vulnerable with each other, we accept and honor each other – we’ve seen the transformation in each other and rejoiced together as we took microscopic and ginormous steps into the Heart of God.

As I stood there in line, the last one to graduate, I felt such immense gratitude for the Traveler’s teachings, for the DSS process that opened a portal for me (and others) to the Power of Living Loving on a moment-by-moment basis, and to myself for participating, for continuing to participate, 100%. All of it was summed up in the Traveler’s gentle touch on my shoulders and those 3 beautiful words he spoke to me, God Bless You. Indeed, God does! Thank you!

Sindy Wilkinson
Doctor of Spiritual Science
Class of 2023

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  1. Sindy, as I watched you graduate, your presence exuded with joy! Your face said it all. Thank you for sharing your special moment of receiving your Doctor of Spiritual Science and the power of love. Blessing you and loving all of us in the oneness.

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