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MSIA Minister Babalola Chris-Rotimi receiving the MSIA Minister of the Year award at MSIA's Conference of the Power of Loving Love, June 2023

Swimming in the Ocean of Divine Love and Ministry

Editor’s Note:  Babalola is one of MSIA’s Ministers of the Year in 2023, awarded at the Conference of the Power of Living Love this past June.  We asked him to share about his ministry in the New Day Herald so you can know more about him and his service.

On J-R’s birthday, Saturday, September 24, 1988, Paul Kaye performed my ordination into the MSIA service ministry at a beautiful golf resort deep in the rain forest of my native Nigeria. My heart sang a melodious song to every word that came forward as Spirit’s blessing upon me and my ministry. It opened with: “The purity of the heart is your guide. Listen to it well! The world does not support the purity of the heart; so, you must listen to it beyond the adversities, beyond the clamor of this world. You must take time to go within and listen to it…” And then later on it says: “It is like a pure stream in a pool of mud. As you just keep following this pure stream, you will find that your life will flow in purity; your life will flow in clarity for God is present with you. The Traveler stands with you strongly in this ministry. All you need do is just keep following this thread of purity within you and allow it to be your guide….”

These are some of the crystal-clear instructions that were issued forth through Spirit during my ordination. They made my heart rejoice because they were accurate reflections of what I had been doing (by way of service) up until that point, and they have been Lights on my path to guide me from that day onwards.

I was a zealot in those early days, right after my ordination. I wanted to build an MSIA paradise in Nigeria! My ambition was huge. My means were very extremely meager. But my vision was very clear and sharp. So clear that I could not see some of the “obstacles” on my path…until I ran into them. Then I crashed, and I burned. And like the mythical Phoenix bird, I arose out of my ashes, to the sound of my then MSIA mentor (now of blessed memory), who often told me: “Dear Babalola, you are going to have to learn to make haste very slowly!” I finally got what he meant; wrote these words into my heart; and allowed them to bless me in my ministry. J-R was right (as always!) when he said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

I continue to grow in service calling and response. Through grace, Spirit brought me into the United States of America in 1995 (story for another day). I got it very clear right from the get-go that I was not coming here to “make it” like most of my fellow immigrants. Rather, I came to gather as many tools of awareness as I could to prepare me for a higher quality ministerial service in my native Nigeria (specifically) when the time is ripe. The time is ripening faster now than ever before. I now travel back home more frequently and, in the nearest future, intend to be spending more time “there” than I do “here.” In my capacity as the Traveler’s Liaison to Nigeria, the primary focus of my service is to ensure that every single student of the Traveler’s who wishes to maintain an active study/initiation/ordination status remains active; thanks to our Beloved Traveler, his office staff, and the MSIA Presidency.

If you have ever been in the midst of these ordinary, mostly poor (financially/materially) students of the Traveler in Nigeria, you will understand what it is like to just be with them. If you have never been in their midst and would love to have a first-hand experience of it, 2026 may be your lucky year!

I and an army of highly devoted and dedicated volunteers and community leaders/elders in Nigeria (Prince Polycarp Iwuoha being my principal anchor person) are working on a project code-named: “Vision 2026!” The vision is to facilitate a Traveler’s visit to Nigeria in the year 2026, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of J-R’s ONLY visit to Nigeria in 1986. J-R came with a bus full of his students from around the world back then (and you were probably on that trip…thank you!). Traveler John Morton is currently checking out this request/vision through Spirit. We are playing our part by proceeding as if we already have his firm approval; trusting that Spirit always meets us at the point of our action. We envision John and Leigh coming with (maybe?) two buses full of the Traveler’s students from around the world this time. We invite you to join us in placing this vision, the eventual manifestation of it, and the possibility of your participation in this lovefest in the Light of God…all for the highest good of all concerned. We will be sharing more details as they become available.

I am blessed to be a proud member of the Traveler’s family. And so are YOU!

Thank HU!

Rev. Babalola Chris-Rotimi / Richmond, Texas / Dateline: Lagos, Nigeria / July 31, 2023

19 thoughts on “Swimming in the Ocean of Divine Love and Ministry”

  1. Thank you, Babalola, for your pure eagerness, your determined service, and your shining patience. I love you.

  2. Congratulations Dr Babalola Rotimi for your achievements in MSIA. Seems just like yesterday! Our journey in Spirit continues till we reach the heart of the divine ocean of love and mercy and continue being a co-worker.

    May the spirit of the divine and that of the traveler continue to be your guide.Thank you for not forgetting our homeland. The work is plenty, but the laborers are scarce!

    Thank Hu.

    Dr. George Akinkuoye

    1. Babalola Chris-Rotimi

      Yes, Dr. George! It’s like yesterday when you told me about MSIA and John-Roger for the very first time…37 years ago!

      Thank HU, and thank YOU!

  3. Such a beautiful and exciting ministry, Babalola, and I have no doubt that you will achieve it! Light fthg, and love from my heart to yours!

  4. The MSIA’ s Nigerian community is such a gift to us. I join and support your “Vision 2026”! We love you, Babaloa.

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