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MSIA Presidency at Prana (left to right) at Vincent Dupont, Mark Lurie, Paul Kaye

MSIA Presidency Update – August 2023

It has been pretty quiet here at MSIA’s headquarters, Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (aka Prana), in Los Angeles lately.   Some of our key staff and residents have been in Israel for the Traveler Tour that just successfully concluded.  It was a perfect time to bring Light and loving to the region.   Also, our weekly public visitors have been substantially reduced as scaffolding surrounds Prana for a major painting and repair project.  Access to the labyrinth and gardens have been temporarily put on hold as the important work to maintain our historical landmark building is underway.

There have been a few events taking place in the past month.  The Sufi Inspired Evening of Joy has been very popular.   The latest one began with a terrific Persian-inspired meal prepared by Prana’s chefs and featured saffron rice, lamb, cucumber salad, and Persian love cake for dessert.   Paul Kaye then led an immersive experience in the timeless beauty of sacred poetry, music, and meditative dance.

On July 16, HeartFelt hosted its first hybrid service event in the Prana dining room. The goal of this event was to create and distribute 200 sack lunches to people experiencing homelessness in LA. Jeffrey and Bree from the HeartFelt Leadership Team organized the event with support from staff member David Funk in planning and ordering appropriate food and supplies.

It was a day of joy and togetherness as a group of volunteers gathered in the spirit of service to pack the lunches. For those who could stay and deliver lunches, five cars were packed and homeless encampments visited in West LA and Downtown Los Angeles. More than the food offered, the loving brought to those served was transformative not only for them but also for our volunteers. God’s infinite loving and mercy was on full display and the blessings were abundant.

Often, we try to raise money before putting on our events, but we were able to do this first event with our existing financial reserves largely due to the generosity of existing monthly donors to HeartFelt. If you would like to support HeartFelt in creating more events like this, please consider donating at by selecting “HeartFelt” in the dropdown menu, call the MSIA accounting department to become a monthly donor, or email to help us organize another event. Your loving support makes this all possible.

PTS is excited to announce a new course starting in September – the Doctorate in Spiritual Science Program (DSS) Year 6 | Practicing Sacred, Steppingstones to Soul Transcendence. It is a natural development from the DSS Years 1-5 classes reflecting the spiritual growth of our students and honoring their successes.

Some of the curriculums will include: a greater variety of J-R’s seminars and how to practice the wisdom he offers; expansion in the Light Body practice, spiritual exercises, aligning the selves, ministerial services, and other “old favorites”, along with exploring the practice of creativity, joy, and discovering how delightful and fun it is to serve the God within. There will be explorations and practices on how we can be free enough to custom-build our own spiritual practices and how to build a “home” in our own hearts where we can be ridiculously happy and dwell in acceptance, unconditional loving, laughter, devotion, dedication, and see our clear pathway home to God.

God Bless you and thank you for participating in MSIA and for all that you give in so many ways. As J-R would constantly remind us, “It is the loving that makes all this work.” We love and appreciate you!

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark
MSIA Presidency Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Sherie

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