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Quote of the day:  “Poof”

I heard John Morton say – and this is how I remember it — you can let go of something that’s been upsetting you as simply as saying “Poof” and it’s gone.  This was a bit of a contrast to my historical hanging on to upsets, so I thought I would try it out for a few days.

The most effective part of this was replaying my internal tape recorder and hearing John saying “Poof”.  My attention immediately shifted from the upset and mental chatter to giggling with Spirit.

When I got agitated with my husband moving so slowly we were going to be late… I said “Poof” and laughed inside.

When a friend spoke over me for the third time, I paused and said “Poof” and immediately experienced an internal grin which dissolved my physical tension.

I then found a fellow minister deeply distressed by an ongoing upset.  I explained that there was a magic word that could help it all vanish.  In a serious voice she said: “What is it, I want to hear that magic word right now please.”

I replied “Are you sure you are ready? It’s very powerful, and once it is said the upset will be gone.  Are you ready to release it?”

“Yes, yes, tell me the word!” she responded.

After a small delay I said “POOF” and waited in the atmosphere of her shocked silence.  Then came the laughter and the energy changed to a beautiful presence of Spirit, of loving and of lightness.  We laughed and laughed.

Thanks John, this has really helped me.

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