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John Morton at the MSIA Events in London, August 2023

Israel/Europe Trip Last Day — London

It’s the last day of events of this month-long trip, the end of the line, and I’m not being provided with much of anything to write about. Two John Morton events took place at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St. John’s Wood in London, where David Stern’s father Chaim Stern was a rabbi in the 1960s. And Paul Hunting was bar mitzvah’d there, probably when he was 11 years old because he’s so precocious. Don’t ask me the names or subjects of the events. They’re all just material-level alibis for the infusion of the one spiritual Light, and they bring in the energy of oneness so completely that you can’t say anything, because there isn’t enough duality to create anything out of it.

I recall an interview with Larry David, the creator of the TV shows “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, where he talked about how someone on the set asked him why he couldn’t take some of the conflict out of the scenes and just let the characters be happy. He laughed and said that’s impossible because conflict is the basis of humor, and he told the person they could just think of the characters being happy in the times when they’re not being filmed. In fact, duality is the basis of all art, of everything created down here in binary-land.

It’s too bad that the more essential, significant, transformative and fulfilling something is, the less you can say about it. It makes the whole game of expression about as useful as trying to get your dog to look at the moon by pointing at it. But during waking hours and when not meditating, you still have to do something with the energy or it makes you crazy or sick, which is what happened to me a few months ago. I guess that God is running a protection racket.

I experienced the Light energy coming in really powerfully, I think more powerfully than in any of the John Morton/Traveler/MSIA events on the trip, like the climax of the fireworks show when they fire off everything that hasn’t been used yet. Is it just me, or is the Light at John’s events getting more dynamic and alive?

And look at that, I’ve managed to create enough duality to write a few paragraphs. But that’s all, folks. I think you can sometimes get an intimation of the Light by looking at the photos, and then you can get some motivation for going inside and contacting your Spirit—which is why I do them, in addition to trying to avoid getting sick. But it’s all just smoke and mirrors and trickery, and the only way not to be tricked is to experience it for yourself. Have fun on the journey because, to give J-R the last word, he often said that if it’s not fun he didn’t want to do it.

I’ve had fun tricking people for a month, but even having fun gets tiring after a while (although it still beats working), and I’m going to fly home and get some rest. Sorry, I just created some more duality instead of giving J-R the last word. I guess that means that I’ll have to go on the next trip, or to the next event, for some more straightening-out, or bending-up, or pulling-in, or trick-or-treat.

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