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(left to right) Ana Arango, Martha Penuela, Keka Sanchez-Bretano, Moira Palfy Gallagher at MSIA events in Spain, 2023

A Journey of Love and Light: The Unforgettable Visit of the Traveler and Staff to Madrid’s MSIA Community

This August the Madrid MSIA community had the honor and joy of hosting our cherished Traveler, John Morton, along with the radiant Leigh Taylor-Young, Vincent Dupont, Jsu Garcia, Jackie Peterson and MSIA staff.

An Open Seminar to Remember

The highlight of the visit was the Open Seminar led by John Morton, an event that was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Newcomers and long-standing community members alike filled the room, eager to absorb the Traveler’s wisdom. The atmosphere was effervescent, filled with a divine presence that was palpable. The seminar not only inspired us but connected us more deeply with each other and the greater mission of MSIA. Laughter, fun, and a profound sense of inspiration pervaded the air.

The Powerhouse Trio: Vincent, Jackie and Jsu

Vincent, Jackie and Jsu touched down first, and their impact was immediate. They led sessions in aura and polarity balancing that left participants feeling both grounded and elevated, as if years of emotional luggage had been gracefully lifted. These deeply personal sessions brought an added layer of spiritual richness that set the tone for the week to come.

Community at its Finest

The sense of community reached a crescendo during the visit. Our collective laughter, sharing, and even the simple act of being together in the same room after such a long time brought a sense of closeness that is hard to articulate but beautiful to experience. It was as if everyone’s Soul had yearned for this level of connection and sharing, and finally, that yearning was met.

A Gratitude-Infused Farewell

As our time together drew to an end, what was left was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the wisdom imparted, for the connections strengthened, and for the Light that had been brought into all of our lives. John Morton and his entourage had come not just to teach but to elevate, connect, and love. And that they did, in spades.

As we said our farewells, there was a mutual, unspoken understanding that this was more than just a series of events or lectures. It was a communion of Souls, a celebration of Spirit, and an affirmation of the path of Light, Sound, and Love that MSIA represents.

In closing, I extend my deepest thanks to the Traveler, staff, and every individual who made this spiritual gathering possible. You’ve enriched the Madrid MSIA community in immeasurable ways, and we look forward with keen anticipation to the next time we can share in the Light together.

Madrid thanks you, from the deepest corners of our hearts!

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