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London’s Calling

London was the grand finale of the Traveller’s trip to Israel and Europe. As part of the support team on the day, I witnessed some of the many people involved in making this event work. When asked to write an article about the day, it felt appropriate to include participants and find out their unique experience including a minister who, at the last minute, was unable to attend.

Question to Nathalie Franks: “What was most amazing about this visit?”

“John Morton referred to John-Roger’s first seminar in England, London, St John’s Wood in 1972. 51 years later, in the same area of London, I am still here experiencing this beautiful energy and J-R is still present and alive.”

Question to Joanne Avison: “What moved you the most about the day?”

“The team Spirit of making it work, no matter what.”

Question to Lars Forsberg: “ What was the most beautiful aspect of the day for you?”

“Zoom is very convenient but it was so nice to see people ‘in the flesh’ for once and exchange hugs. Then at the 2nd Ani-hu at the start of the morning workshop the energy level lifted and stayed high for the rest of the day. A truly Light-filled day.”

Question to Martha Lucia: “How has your energy/consciousness changed as a result of attending?”

“There was a big change. I wanted to ask a question directly to the mystical traveller and did so. As he was answering I began to notice the change in me. I felt as if it took a great weight off my shoulders, that the Light was doing the work for my highest good and the same for everyone involved. I felt happy and calm as John responded. I am more aware of the power of love in my life and the importance of manifesting it to others.”

Two guests commented:

“Thank you for inviting us, it was a wonderfully Light-filled experience. My heart was full of joy and love by the time we left.”

Question for Michelle Martin: “Although you weren’t able to be physically present while you are supporting your mum’s transition, how were you affected by the Mystical Traveller’s presence in London?”

“What I got was being held and supported. To be honest, this has been one of the most challenging weekends I have had to deal with in a long time. Being able to put mum in the Light and knowing that there was a bigger family who are helping mum to transition to the next phase and the next phase.
Getting messages before and after the event was really special and John Morton’s words were beautiful. They completed, held and supported me and rose the vibration around mum and it just put peace, love and tranquillity around us, providing me with clarity.”

Please place Michelle’s mum, Valerie Brancalion, in the Light for her journey.

Question to me, Caroline Khambatta: “How was it for me?”

“Gosh, it’s a hard one to answer. Having had two amazing services the day before, my energy had shifted so much. I reckon when the intention was made to visit London the energies started clearing. And the ripples since, are still shimmering. What I noticed was how many people in the MSIA community had contributed to the event directly and indirectly. You know who you are and thank you. It was an event that evolved and grew and adapted on the day with super support from the Synagogue where it was held. It literally represents the MSIA teachings of being present and serving what Spirit places in front of you.”

Love and Light for the highest good of all concerned.

View the Photos by David Sand from the Traveler Events in London

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