Gathering of Peacemakers Around the World at the Conference of Soul Transcendence

July 4th, 2014

What a treat to hear from peacemakers around the world in IIWP’s annual Gathering of Peacemakers at the Conference of Soul Transcendence. I loved hearing from Debbie Roth and fellow Peacemaker Meeting facilitators who hold gatherings in Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Venezuela, Switzerland and wherever they may be. With the different emcees guiding us through inner and dyad processes, I felt at home and in unity with my family of peacemakers who choose to bring peace wherever we are.

While viewing online, I was aware of how blessed we are to be able to connect and support one another via the Internet as we surround our planet with the loving peace in our hearts. Joan Shea shared how there are 3,788 of us praying for peace through the IIWP email Worldwide Peace Prayer. Leigh Taylor-Young began the current round of the Worldwide Peace Prayer by sharing a beautiful blessing and prayer for peace on our planet, a loving service she provides impromptu during her many travels with John Morton, her husband and the Spiritual Director of IIWP.

John Morton encouraged us to raise our dedication to peace and to bring forward peace wherever we are because we are bearers of peace. Peace is our choice, so we can choose to turn negativity into peace by bringing forward our love, Light and comfort to others. I’m grateful to John for choosing to be a steadfast peacemaker and loving guide to all of us choosing this path of peace. May we all continue to choose peace, which starts with these simple nine words introduced by John-Roger, founder of IIWP:

I love you. God bless you. Peace be still.



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Comment from online participant Will Bickerton:
“I also attended the IIWP Peace conference online this morning. That was wonderful and Leigh and John’s prayers were so incredible. This is a wonderful facility that MSIA provide – it doesn’t matter that I am thousands of miles and continents away, I was just overwhelmed by the presence of the peace and forgiveness. Thank you.”

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