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Peter Bort

Seeding into the New Year

When scientists look at the atom and the particles that make them up, they see vibration.

My words spoken into the universe are a vibration. So are my images and thoughts. As a young man, I had heard to be careful with my word. This meant to me if I made a promise to someone that I should be aware to keep it.

Many years later, I became aware of another sense of being careful with my word. It has to do with the intentions I put out into the universe. Assume I am a co-creator with God, that together we are taking energy and with our intention, creating matter and manifestation. My words of “That’s my bad luck again” create and sustain a field of manifestation. My words spoken that “The best is yet to come” are creating a different kind of manifestation more in my favor.

A method of holding my focus into a spoken and visualized intention is to plant a seed as John-Roger has described it. This is a technology of Grace. It is an actual, workable, measurable and sustainable approach to manifestation that channels intention into the highest vibratory rate. We speak of that highest vibratory rate as being the consciousness of the highest good.

An important difference between some of the new age manifestation technologies and seeding, is the intention of manifesting the highest good. In putting out my intention, I allow for the possibility that God has an even better outcome possible than the one I am programming.

Why not channel your intention into a proven technology of grace and co-create with God for the highest good?

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