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Sharon Trieste at the Living in Grace Retreat, December 2023

Living In Grace: Moving from the Ordinary into the Sublime

This was the year my Soul called me to attend Living in Grace in person. People traveled from all over the world and the U.S. to participate. It was an inner feeling of going home again.

We were blessed with gorgeous weather, beautiful skies, and beach walks. The MSIA products were stocked with delightful little gifts for the angels afoot! Extra magic was in the air, and it all began with our sit-down music.

There were many faces I hadn’t seen in years and new faces to behold. Each one mirrored the inner giggle in my heart that we are all traveling the inner realms into Spirit together, no matter the distance or reason.

To me, it seemed as if we were sequestered in this little ancient village where we were explicitly drawn to this special place called Asilomar to unplug from the norms in our lives, to allow the time and space for what matters: moving higher and higher in Spirit, and into the heart of God. It was remembering why we are here, remembering our Spiritual Promise.

We’d silently walk together on the pathways of our little village, eat together, tell our stories, and then do it again the next day. Each day, with a new beautiful Soul sitting across from us to be our witness, we allowed ourselves to go deeper and deeper inside, then let go of what’s no longer needed, as directed in the Traveler’s teachings.

We reveled in humor and wisdom with our intimate talks with our beloved Traveler, John Morton. We enjoyed the friendly banter of our facilitators, Pauli Sanderson and David Bransky. And don’t get me started on the silly sit-down Elvis song! I was so happy to listen to our musical director extraordinaire, David Sand, choosing our music throughout our precious time together. He has this soulful ability to select the perfect sound of the moment, creating a sacred or silly space for us as we continue letting go each day.

Remembering we are a family of Souls from many places, many timelines, many galaxies, and stars where we have chosen to be here now on this beautiful planet to hold in love for ourselves and to hold for the healing and the greater good of all, which sounds pretty great to me.

And I want to especially thank our Traveler, John Morton, for his generous time with us while taking us higher in Spirit.  John is living a true hero’s journey of his Soul, and through his demonstration, he is our Hero for holding the Traveler’s Consciousness for so long, majestically.

If I may sum up my Living in Grace experience into one beautiful J-R quote: “As you keep moving, nothing can stop you from moving your consciousness into higher and higher levels of awareness.”

And to conclude with one of my delightful non-sensical poems called Grace:

Grace is

less always turquoise

less never magenta

less bigger than my voice

less littler than absentia

Grace is

more thicker than a succulent

more thinner than a leaf

more seldom than permanent

more frequent than brief

Grace is

less always knowing

less never inhibited

less bigger than trusting

less littler than exhibited

Grace is

most rainbow colors

most radiant and glowing

most illuminated moonstones

most vibrant blessings blowing

Sharon Trieste

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1 thought on “Living In Grace: Moving from the Ordinary into the Sublime”

  1. Breathtaking, magnificent, heart moving, Spirit elated and blissFULL, breathing in and out, the journey to higher ground, blessed to be with you beyond the 3D. Light is always present and burning bright beyond the form. Thank you.

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