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John-Roger Gems

If you make a decision to go one way and it isn’t working, then you make another decision to move in another direction. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong decisions; there are experiences of consciousness. – John-Roger

These “gems” from John-Roger from the Movement Newspaper were first published as an article in the print version of the New Day Herald in May of 1993.  We share them with you now, online on the New Day Herald website.

Sometimes decisions are very hard to make because you don’t want to make the wrong one.

That is a negative approach. All decisions involve making a series of choices to move events around you from point to point within time and space. If you make a decision to go one way and it isn’t working, then you make another decision to move in another direction. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong decisions; there are experiences of consciousness. There are no catastrophes, they only appear to be catastrophes in the eye of the beholder. It is the wisdom of experience that you are gaining here on the earth plane, and then you transfer that wisdom from point to point in this world. If other people share their experiences with you, and you can learn from these, then you can probably cut down the time you have to sit on the borders of fear and the borders of doubt, and you can move forward the time when you discover the center of your beingness and reside in the presence and joy of Spirit.

Finding that “state of being” can bring you a fulfillment and a joy greater than you have ever known on this earth. It transcends all the levels of mind, emotions, and body, and reaches to the inner kingdom wherein resides all peace and joy and love.

You have the ability to love yourself into health, wealth, and happiness; and you have the ability to love others into their health, wealth, and happiness, too.

But if you live in a conceptualization of knowledge, rather than living from your own experience of life, you may not reach out and touch another because “tradition” says you don’t do that. But when you live from your experience, you will be able to perceive what is going on around you, react with empathy and loving, and reach out to assist others in their movement through life. You will forget about whether or not it might be “embarrassing” or “inappropriate” or some other judgmental label and just respond from the loving heart you are.

Depression, that feeling of not being worthy and not being able to handle your life, can become very familiar.

Even though you don’t like it, because it is familiar, you play that game and pull it to you. Then you remain depressed, thinking, “Now I know who I am; I am nothing.” Something inside of you says that you must be something, because look at how you can criticize. You criticize people from yourself, so you must think you are something. So why do you go around saying that you are nothing? You say, “Well I know that I am something, but I feel like I am nothing.” That may make a little bit more sense. A lot of times, you may feel inadequate, based upon a certain situation.

Let’s look at that. If you had a magic rug that could zip you away instantly and you happened to be in some foreign land where the natives, who still fought with spears, were coming at you, what would you do? I’ll bet you would get out of there fast. I doubt that you would say, “Magic rug, would you please take me up into the air.” I think you would probably have that rug keyed to one word, “up”. Yet people walk into situations they can’t handle, but won’t say “up” at all. They stand there and let the natives “throw spears” at them. Then they say, “Isn’t it great how I’m handling this?”

If you don’t feel equipped to handle something, tell people that: Tell them, “I just can’t handle that.” That is so real and so simple. If you have trouble seeing how that works, think of having an ingrown toenail and having someone in hiking boots step on your foot. I’m sure you would say, “Hey, get off my foot. It hurts!” They’d get off and say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Take care of yourself. ” When you honestly tell people that you are not equipped to handle what they are laying on you, they can act in cooperation and, often, in loving concern.

It is from the consciousness of “know-it-all” that you voice your answers, not realizing that it isn’t necessary to know the answer to every question.

It is only necessary to know how to get into the Soul body, to traverse your own inner realms, then the outer realms, and establish yourself in the Soul realm, so that when you drop the physical body, you can go right home. That is all that is necessary. All the rest is tiddlywinks, fun and games, and heartache. I don’t care to play in those areas, so I don’t. That is why I say that I will work with you in my own way.

The only way to be happy is to take responsibility, authority, control over your life.

You must own your thoughts. You must complete your actions. You build self-esteem by completing your actions. If you want to feel worthwhile, do worthwhile things. Do them with integrity. Do them with excellence. Do them with loving. In time, you’ll be able to look back and see the beautiful things you have done and the wonderful ways you have been of service to others, and you’ll feel good about yourself. It’s a natural reaction. If you don’t complete something or you do something from negativity and anger, rather than loving, you look back at that action and something inside of you lurches and you think, “Oh, God, I don’t want to look at that.” That is your destroyer and betrayer.

Go and correct the action. Change it so it will not beat you anymore. And love the you that created the opportunity to learn and to do better. Everything can be used to lift you. Let everything lift you. Give yourself a break. Treat yourself like the best friend you ever, ever had…because you are.

Each person has the Light in them. Your job is just to become aware of it.

When you do, you can activate it into a greater and greater consciousness, until you reach into the Soul that is the consciousness of God and Light and Love. The Soul is well protected. It is guarded by the best guardians you will ever find. Some of those guardians are: “Woe is me,” “Nobody loves me,” “I am all messed up,” “I am ruined,” “I am going to hell,” “I hate your guts,” “I am just green-eyed with jealousy,” “I want you,” and “I want to control you.” And a key to all this is just to say, “Okay,” and go on with your life. None of these states lasts for very long. The consciousness that is the Soul outlasts them all. Don’t fight or resist because that will lock you to the negative. Just flow with it. Just let it be whatever it is. Work to control yourself, to direct your action in a positive way, and to use everything that comes your way as a stepping stone to where you want to be.”

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