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John Morton takes sharing at the Living In Grace Retreat, December 2023

The Gift of Making Things Better

Let’s consider you make wise choices because that is what you are doing in your life.  You are making wise choices or at least intending to do that.  I encourage you to trust yourself, but also check how you are experiencing your choices. – John Morton

This article and blessing come from John Morton’s sharing at a Ministers and Initiates Q & A in August 2022.

Let’s consider you make wise choices because that is what you are doing in your life.  You are making wise choices or at least intending to do that.  I encourage you to trust yourself, but also check how you are experiencing your choices.  We all have that responsibility wherever, whatever, and whenever that is.  It’s vigilance, a price of going home and into soul liberation.  Stay vigilant.  Stay awake.

Even when you think you are awake…. Wake up!  Have your awareness on.  That is the practice, so you attend to what serves you spiritually, what serves you in the soul and what the soul is here to experience.  Be aware of that.

Being awake can be a very individual process.  What you are called to do in your life choices can be very different from what the person right next to you is called to do in their choices.  You are both being true to yourself, and you’re each doing something different.

You may say, “I’m going to take the high road.”  Someone else says, “Well, I am going to take the low road.”  You may say, “I’ll meet you in Tipperary” and they may say, “That’s where I’m going.”  You say, “That’s where I’m going, but I’m taking the high road.  Why don’t you come to the high road?”  They respond, “I’m not called to the high road.  I am called to the low road because I’ve got some things to finish up.”  It is the correct choice for each of you.

We can be influenced magnetically by what people want.  When we are trying to be pleasing, there is often some of that in our good nature.  We don’t want to cause disagreement or upset.  Sometimes we have differences.  It doesn’t have to be a conflict.  It can just be different.

In that process, there is a place you are here to fulfill.  You may come closer and closer, realizing “I am fulfilled, at peace and don’t have any desires. I checked off my bucket list and there is nothing on me for me to be happy today.”  I do not see that as a choice to lay down and go to sleep.  I see that as asking, “How can I help?”

There are a lot of people who are in duress.  The load of what they are dealing with, experiencing, and going through is difficult.  We can see it and know, “Oh my God, that would be so hard.  I feel so much compassion.  I feel their pain and suffering.”  Do something about that.

You may say, “It’s not my karma.”  No one said it’s your karma.  Would you like to help?  You may ask, “Do I have to?”  No.  You have free choice.

You might want what comes from helping others or from just helping.  Serving doesn’t have to be about people.  Somebody might say, “I have an allergy to people.”  Okay, there is some of that going around. How about making things better so they are better for everyone?  Maybe that is your gift.  Just knowing how to make it pleasant so it’s easier for everyone to get along with whatever is going on.

The circumstances of the world are set up so that one person doesn’t have control of all of this.  Once we are “onto” heaven with a real focus, what would the spiritual flow be if we really allowed it to be fully present, here in this place?  It would transform because we are commanding higher consciousness to be present.  We go higher.  If we were all doing it in a momentum so it was becoming the reality, the level would shift.  The lower levels would not be necessary.  They are being pulled up.

If there is something necessary in whatever that is, it is going to be recreated in a form.  Do you need to be concerned about that?  Your concern is to take care of yourself and manage your life well.  Be efficient.  Be effective.

We can solve all of this in amazing ways because God works in the miraculous.  God created it.  God can uncreate it and create something else.  If we really understand that, then we can live in a “portable paradise”.  That is magnificent in and of itself.

I am referring to something John-Roger called out in his sharing about his life and the life of the soul in the world.  We can have a pleasant, beautiful life in spite of all the things circumstantially or conditionally present that might be something like “hell on earth”.  There is enough of that.  More hell, more negativity is not helpful.

More of what is a kind of heaven, what is pleasant for each one, is helpful.  It is like fresh air.  When you have had stale air making it difficult to breathe, and then you get fresh air, it’s liberating.  You feel relief.  You relax.  You are at ease.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing for the New Year

Let’s call forward a blessing. You can begin by letting go, relaxing, and inviting the Light to come in and do some house cleaning.

We’ll start at the physical level of the body. Just consider right now the Light is in the body, in the cell level, in every tissue, every form, whatever is in the body. Organic, inorganic, whatever is the makeup. Everything is penetrated by the Light in such a way that we’re allowed for it to be in transformation towards vitality, clearing, harmony. Then we just take that right into the other levels. Let’s call them Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric. Light is also in the emotions, and in the mind.

There’s a particular clearing I’m seeing right now which would be the images that don’t serve the highest good. The pictures. They could be something you have seen that you took a snapshot of or a scene that was very disturbing.

Allow them to be dissolved. Allow them to become Light. So, whatever has occurred in the past that you’ve seen, that has disturbed you, is now the Light. That’s the blessing.

Now let’s take this Light consciousness that is upon us, that we’ve called in, that we breathe it in. We breathe it out. We hold it as a consciousness of love, Light, and the vibration that is the sound.

You are in your creation command. As you can see it, it is serving what can be done through grace because we ask, because we hold it as a vision of what can become.  You can see that very personally in your life. It’s under your direction. See it in the way you would want, in the very best way. Look around. Look in all the directions. That would also be within the inner consciousness and what is to become in all the levels, so we are resonating in the heart of God. You are beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan


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