Windermere Tours After the Conference of Soul Transcendence

By: MSIA Staff

July 18th, 2014

After this year’s Conference of Soul Transcendence, IIWP offered complimentary Peace Tours to Windermere Ranch from LA on Monday July 7th and Tuesday July 8th. We had visitors from all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and throughout the U.S.!

IIWP Volunteers Dave Wright, Kay Turbak and Susannah Kaye gave entertaining tours of the Ranch once folks got to Windermere via our “peace van” (Thanks to Win Hampton and David Morton for driving!). Visitors had a chance to see the Ranch, connect with the horses, llamas, sheep, and chickens, and be present in the peace of nature and each other.

Below are testimonials from Dave Wright and our other volunteers and participants, plus some fun pictures. Enjoy, and we hope to see you at the Ranch soon!

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It’s neat how peace can somehow wrap itself in laughter. One part of you can worry about your teeth flying out from laughing too hard while another part is humming along to the chords of peace slipping into your consciousness through the back door of a bad joke. It’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of things.

And as much as I’d liked to have had all of us on the Windermere tours (maybe we were) I sure had a great time with the 15 amazing Souls that made the tours this year!

We ate. We explored. We did SE’s at Queilin rocks and the ponds and the cedar restrooms (very moving). We loved on the horses. We circled the peace pole and called in the Light in 3 languages! We bumped and thumped our way down Stagecoach Road in the back of the ranch truck to visit Vallentino and Casper, our resident llamas, and the sheep they watch over. When Casper at a little over six feet tall walks up to you and stares deep into your eyes you don’t know if he’s wondering if you’re the one who stole his wallet or if he’s just thinking “yep, you’re a spiritual being all right.”

I think we all truly bless Windermere with our good thoughts. But when you walk the land and breathe in the Pacific Ocean breeze and the corrals, the blessings of the Traveler’s ministry kiss you right on top of your head (feel it?).

And of course if you’re truly an advanced spiritual being you’ll sing along with one participant who sang “I kissed a llama and I liked it!”
Love and blessings to OUR Windermere.
Dave Wright, Windermere Tour Guide

Arriving at Windermere after the Conference of Soul Transcendence with our group of 8 I was aware of the amazing ease and grace of our meeting and traveling. Alighting from
the van I was struck by the presence of profound peace once again. Greeted by enthusiastic staff we laughed and talked and then were toured around to Queilin rocks, the ponds, the horses and down to the sheep and llamas. There was a scrumptious and healthy lunch. The day and company were perfect and the beauty and peace of Windermere once again filled and replenished us. I am so grateful for Windermere!!
-Love Win Hampton, Windermere Tour Driver

What a lovely day we had today! I dearly loved the flow of the day that included cold drinks and food, a base of operations in the barn for rest and schmoozing. It was wonderful to see the barn used for this ministry and I know everyone had a wonderful day! The preparations that the Windermere staff did to clean and prepare the barn was so evident….everyone commented on the loving reception. It was truly an environment where everyone felt welcome, supported and blessed. There was so much more ministry going on in conversations, etc, than just a visual tour of the ranch. There were blessings all around!
~Susannah Kaye, Windermere Tour Guide

The tour today was amazing and I had such fun. Learned some Portuguese and practiced my Spanish! The ladies were all so grateful for this sacred experience which was multidimensional and very meaningful.

One participant placed a blessing for the Peacemaker Meeting we’re having at the Ranch this Sunday, and she activated the Light Columns already placed on the property. Another blessing was in Spanish! We supported the Travelers in their ministries of peace and expanded our own awareness of the peace process.
~Kay Turbak, Windermere Tour Guide

The Spirit’s energy — it’s in Windermere. Just breathe in and breathe out. Peace, be still!
~Marcela Lacerda, Tour Participant, Brasilia, Brasil

The Peace already is!
I am feeling sooo grateful for the immense Joy of being at Windermere again ~ this time with mainly Spanish speakers: Si!
I experienced the Glory of God on the Queilin rock and Peace being 1000% present when we all stood at the glorious new Peace Pole and sent the Love & Light around the world.
My sense of Peace, all my Love and deepest Gratitude go to Beloved J-R, John and all who have made this possible. WOW!!!!!!
~ Dawn White, Tour Participant, Sydney, Australia

It was a peaceful experience. I loved the energy, but most of all, the wonderful loving people that takes care of the property. It is a way to heaven.
~Mavi Sroor-Lopez, Tour Participant, Chihuahua, Mexico

It was a lovely day all the way around…and I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to finally visit Windermere. I have wanted to go for so long….and to have someone pick us up…and give us lunch…and provide such a fun-filled tour…it was all perfect.
~Ardythe Phillips, Plymouth, Mass


Estar en Windermere ha sido una experiencia diferente cada vez, como si el lugar estuviera en permanente transformación, esas múltiples facetas que el Espíritu permite vivir. Cada vez la sensación de estar completa: la paz presente, la alineación de mi ser, el cuerpo vitalizado, el sol como una lluvia de luz, el cielo sin restricciones.

Aprendí que se puede estar bien sin hablar, sin contactos “intelectuales”, sólo estando y compartiendo y estando presente.
~Graciela Messina, Federal District, Mexico

Every time I’ve been to Windermere it has been a different experience, as if the place were in permanent transformation, like those multiple aspects that the Spirit allows us to live. Each time there is a feeling of being complete: peace is present, my Self is aligned, the body vitalized, the sun rains down Light, the sky is limitless.

I learned that one can be just fine without needing to talk, without “intellectual” contact, just being and sharing and being present.

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