Celebrating John-Roger’s Life

By: John-Roger DSS

October 22nd, 2014

Our beloved John-Roger made his transition from the physical body into Spirit on Tuesday October 22nd, 2014.

While we are, of course, greatly saddened by this loss we are also filled with an abundance of loving and gratitude for all that he has shared with us, and look forward to truly celebrating his life in the most spectacular fitting way possible.

John-Roger’s Life: A Special Memorial & Celebration

Saturday November 29 | 2pm – etc | Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village
Click Here For Complete Details & To RSVP

2pm (PST)   Registration Opens
2 – 4pm (PST)   Join us to share your J-R stories in the Newport Room
3pm (PST)   Doors to the Ballroom Open
4pm – 6pm (PST)   J-R Celebration Memorial & Live Online
6pm – 7:30pm (PST)   Dinner Break (with an optional J-R seminar for the online audience to view during this time. Seminar will start at 6pm.)
7:30pm – 9:30pm (PST)   Celebration Memorial & Live Online (continued)
9:30pm – 11pm (PST)   Dancing & Live Online

Staying At The Four Seasons
Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village | Two Dole Drive Westlake Village
We have negotiated a room rate of $194 per night. Because of this very special arrangement you will need to call the hotel directly to make your reservation: (818) 575-3000. Let them know you are with MSIA and attending the J-R Memorial & Celebration event.
Note:   This special rate is not available via internet booking.

Remote Live Online Gatherings Around The World

“Gather in the name of the Christ, in the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler, in Satsang, or in the consciousness of One.”
– John-Roger, D.S.S.

Contact   Debbie Roth debbieroth@msia.org or 323-328-1979

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Sweden   Contact Ann Von Heland annvonheland@yahoo.com
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View Recorded Event with John Morton & Friends, October 22


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May his soul rest in Peace…. Thanking him for his wisdom, loving and caring he shared with all of us around the world…… Charlissa, Aruba

God bless you, J-R, and may you soar unencumbered in joy …

Dear J-R… happy travels, my love. May the heavens sing with joy and the masters of Light and Sound welcome you home to realms of Light and loving beyond my imagining. May the great God of all, whom you have served so faithfully, hold you in his arms… and share a joke or two (perhaps a pun to make you laugh). Thank you for everything. I will love and honor you forevermore.
Your, Pauli

God bless us all as we move more fully into the grace of his presence within us.

So sad to know you will not be with us physically; but happy to know you are where you wanted to be. Thank you, thank you for all your love and care. I adore you and will forever my Beloved. Sheelagh Laughlin-Panama

I am forever grateful to J-R, he truly is living love. I will miss his physical presence and I hold comfort in my heart knowing that he resides in my spiritual heart always, and I in his. God bless John-Roger’s Soul. Onward and upward.

To Sir With Love, from the deepest of me, heart & Soul. ~ Lisa

If love has a face, it is the face of our beloved John Roger. You have taught me well, my beloved. The gratitude I hold for you is beyond words. Upward we go. I can only imagine the party that the angels, teachers, masters of Light are having now to welcome you.

My heart is filled with Joy at his passing … that he is free from the physical now. And also sadness, as silent tears flow down my face. He is my teacher, and I love him and am grateful to him forever. God bless you, J-R!

I sympathize with MSIA Family world wide, I am really saddened, we take consolation on the truth that he lives on and his love is always with his students. I love him, God Bless him!

JR, You are and always will be the Light, The Way, The Love and Compassion in my Heart. I am Grateful to have shared Beautiful moments. Thank You…I Love You, God Bless You, Peace Be Still. Rudy Lopez

Dearest John-Roger, Beloved, In God’s Kingdom now.
*Infinite love to, for and with you*

Always and Forever grateful! God bless us all.

Tears are flowing in gratitude Thank U J-R and Light on your way

You have been my inspiration and my guiding post. You got me! I hold you in my heart with deep appreciation and Love. May the light of the Holy of Holy surround and Bless you forever!

We thank God for everything. We thank God for J-R’s life.

J-R, my man! Thank you.

I love you forever and ever and ever. God bless you sweetest Beloved. Thank you for everything. You saved my life and gave so much to all. Words can never express my love and gratitude for you and your life’s work. Thanks for teaching me how to live in Grace and for all the laughter!!

Eternal peace dear friend…You have earned it…

Eternal peace dear friend..You have earned it…

God bless you always and in all ways, J-R. Thank you for being my guiding Light and

I am eternally grateful for all you have given me(us). Rest in peace dear one!

Beloved J-R….forever…..everlasting…..you are my heart eternity and beyond….I am soooo happy for you, Beloved…..You did it!!!…..We did it!!! ….and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet – I know!

Hy Heart could not be more full of Gratitude and Love For EVERYTHING our Beloved J-R has brought forward for all of us, and for our amazing spiritual family that He has convened for us to learn how to truly Love one amither as He has loved us.

Dearest JR, My Beloved for eternity…the handprint you have left on my heart is my greatest treasure! With ocean waves of love & gratitude I celebrate your freedom. Loving you always!
May God Bless You and Keep You.

Beloved JR has blessed my entire family, all of whom were privileged to meet and know him, and 3 grandchildren blessed ! His loving arms continue to encircle his whole MSIA family forever with the radiant love of Christ. Thank you, Jesus, for sharing him !

My beloved J-R, thank you, thank, thank you. I am dancing with the angels of joy for your and all of our liberation. Blessings, peace,and loving

Beloved JR, You will always be in my heart and my way to honor your memory will be remembering to love it all, to live to serve unconditionally thru my love, joy and compassion.
May God bless you forever and ever♥

Thank you for teaching me what is Unconditional Love. For bringing so much love, light and transformation in my life. I can´t put in words what my heart feels for you. I love you, you are my best friend and my Beloved.

I love You J-R, my one true love, a lover of love and always in my heart forever. I Love You J-R Love Julie

God speed, beloved J-R. There are no words. Always in my heart, and I in yours, forevermore.

Thank you so much for being there, thank you for your words of wisdom and love always

no sabia cuanto te amaba, consuela mi alma.

My Beloved J-R – There are no words to express how much I will miss your loving presence on this physical level. Thank you for all the teachings, the guidance and the joy. No-one could have done it better! You are forever in my heart and will always be a part of me and together, as promised, we will go into the Heart of God. Love & Peace my Beloved.

I gratefully celebrate your life and the living love you made us aware of and I am joyful that you are flying free and in the arms of Divinity; I listen to you more deeply now and follow you in my heart and soul from now until we meet again, I love and honor you forever more. JOY! Ina

God bless you J-R – I see you leaping high, clicking your heels, and shouting a heartfelt, ‘Whoopee-e-e!’. LL and deepest gratitude always.

Maria elena Kittelson my beloved as you have taught us well, you are present in my heart and my being, but to beable to hug you and kiss you and see your smile, well I will just have to do it in spirit, so i can be with you as always. I love you soooo much, thank you, thank you, thank you, and may I be always one with you.

Beloved J-R ….You are present more than ever….I am already unspeakably grateful for the immensity of your gifts, the continuity of your guidance and loving….I am stepping up in my learning, in my choosing, and so forever expandingly grateful …..thank you for this awesomeness of being held and being taught….your guidance is even clearer than ever before….I am devoutly choosing into greater and greater loving….in Your Name. Forever Loving, Monica

Kristal Sunn I am so grateful for your loving,and teaching me how to be loving. Thank you for every breath I take . I’m in this great family of msia going home to God.Your in my heart forever more. I love you with all my heart and soul. God Bless you J-R and your a funny guy too. Loving you , kristal

Estar amando lo aprendí de tí, mi corazón está brincando de alegría desde que te re-conocí.
Gracias, Amado del corazón.

Gracias J-R por las enseñanzas que ayudaron a mi corazón a brillar eternamente. Que la Luz te acompañe.

HI J.R. I ‘m so happy for you! I can feel your joy and you tell me so. I feel you now more than ever. I know that you will be there to greet me and take me home where I belong. You have taught me well and you have taught me hard! Thank you. I feel your love. “Your love I feel”. God bless you and God bless us all. Summer ‘Coyote’. (P.S. Could you let up on me?)

God Bless You, J-R, and I know God is saying, “Well done, well done.” I will love you and miss you until we meet again. Your Love is instilled in all of us and will inspire us to continue your great works. Peace, Be Still.

Ania Sara
Sweet, divine and beloved J-R, you have given me everything. My heart will forever swell with gratitude for your presence here, and your presence that lives in the place beyond words.
I love you for being there for me in everything, and then some. I was hearing the “Hallelujah”
the morning you returned home. How appropriate. I love you always.

Ania Sara
Sweet Beloved J-R, thank you for everything you have given. The gratitude in my heart fills me.
The morning you went home I was hearing the “Hallelujah”. My heart will forever hold you dear.

My heart sings that you have returned home at last. I am so joyful in my soul for you and I kiss you gently. I am comforted that you have never left for in my heart you continue to sing your love song and I sing back. Forever grateful, forever full with your loving. You gave everything. I love you

I highly felt the peaceful transition of our beloved John Roger.l lacked words to describe his unique invaluable and rare gem qualities. He had been of great help to me and mankind in general. We will take solace by his unprecedented vast good works and creditable records he has left in the sands of time.l planned to attend your birthday next year as l could not make it this year;l even seeded for you on 23rd of Sept,2014 as part of my birthday gift , but you subsequently died.God Almighty knows it all. It was my wish for you to live little longer as l am dearly, lovingly used to you for the past 24 years because of your great worth to me .Goodbye my dearest John Roger!Goodbye the God sent saint man!We continue to meet in spirit as you continue working with us spiritually. Nathan Nwokocha

may your soul be at rest .you will be missed earthly but spirit will never leave me your work will go on now stronger than ever I still call out his name when i’m in trouble or just need a lift until we meet again Francis A partin

JR, you continue to speak to us thru each other’s loving words ! May the planet hear YOU thru ours, all over the world ! Mary Lou Jacoby

Through the inner master, you are and always have been with me, right into the heart of hearts .. I love you, my greatest love ..

My Beloved J-R, you are the best of friends, always your loving, absolutely unconditional, has been here to show me the way. Now this field of loving is all I can see, and we walk together this infinite field of love. Thank you is truly the simplist yet most profound of prayers!

    Wow Win! Profound your last sentence! I never thought of it that way. How true it is! Thank you for that teaching. Summer

Thank you J-R for showing me such an example of unconditional loving, and integrity of purpose. I am forever grateful. Thank you also for leaving us with a most amazing Traveler to keep us on track and show the way. You are in my heart and that’s good – let’s transcend together – all ways, for the Highest Good.