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Spiritual Freedom

This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, May 1986. While on the physical level, one thing you may want to pay attention to is the sense of freedom that you experience within yourself. Part of this is allowing people in your life to be free within you. If, for example, you have anger against your mother, or your father, a child, or a boss, then you hold anger in you toward them. They are not free inside of you. It is your job to gain inner freedom so that no matter where you go, whether you’re with them or not, there is freedom inside of you. This is why those in the spiritual consciousness get along so well – -because when they are in this consciousness, they are free.

If you hold onto angry thoughts about people in your life, you’re confined by those thoughts and feelings. When you’re experiencing freedom, you may not even be thinking about them. Have you ever noticed that when your mind is haranguing and harassing you about a particular person or situation, the experience becomes one of confinement. You want to say, “Get them out of my head. Just get them out!” Often, it’s helpful to write them a letter or call them and let them know where you stand.

It can be a lack of discrimination that allows the negative patterns of the mind and emotions to assert themselves. When the thoughts and emotions get tied into the body, you may find yourself entertaining addictive patterns of behavior. These addictions may manifest in terms of the thoughts you entertain within yourself as well as outer behavior patterns such as smoking, alcohol, and excessive food consumption. Addictions may also manifest in terms of entertainment. Suppose you say, “I love to dance.” But you should also love it when you’re not dancing. Dancing should be free inside of you so that if you go to a dance, you can dance – but if you go to a dance and sit down all evening, you’re still dancing inside yourself.

Freedom is something that takes careful watching with the mind so you don’t get into fantasy conversations in your thoughts. Such as, “When they said that to me, I could have replied this way, and then they would have answered me that way, and I could have done this … ” And all of a sudden you’re trailing off into the prison your thoughts create.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating as it illustrates this type of thinking. A fellow is going to borrow Mr. Jones’ lawnmower. As he’s walking over to Mr. Jones’ house, he’s thinking, “Mr. Jones is probably going to be using the lawnmower.” As he gets closer, he thinks, “Mr. Jones doesn’t lend anybody his lawn mower, and after all , he’s such an old skin flint, he wouldn’t loan it to me anyway …..” He walks up to the door, thinking, “Jones is really a lousy neighbor anyway.” He knocks on the door. Jones opens it. And the fellow says, “Keep your old lawn mower; I didn’t want it anyway.” This is confinement. He could have at least explained to Mr. Jones that he had a conversation with him, even though he wasn’t present. You want to be careful when you have conversations with people in your mind that those conversations are freedom producing.

I teach those things that produce freedom. I also teach those things that produce health, wealth and happiness. When I say wealth, I’m not necessarily talking about money. It may be synonymous, but I know people who have a lot of money, and they’re confined physically because of the money. They’re so afraid somebody’s going to take it. Somebody is. It’s called death. Ultimately, death is going to take their money. The interesting thing about death is that people aren’t afraid of death; they just don’t want to be there when it happens. But that’s one thing that you’re going to have to be there for in order to complete it.

One choice that you have now is to get free inside yourself in terms of this ultimate initiation, acknowledging that “Yes, death is coming to me.” That thing that is called death is also eternal life, if you have prepared for it here in a state of freedom.

We speak of spiritual liberation, but what is that? Does it mean that I can leave my body when I want to? Maybe that’s part of it, but a greater part of liberation is being free inside yourself and having other people be free inside of you. Then, love arises spontaneously, it just appears.

If you have to create love, if you have to seek it out, it’s not natural, and it will not last. When it just arises spontaneously out of your being, you’re in the heart of God; you’re in the very center of beingness, your true self. As the Self arises spontaneously, you can experience inner wealth and the happiness of your spiritual consciousness. Because it is not related to outer events or circumstances, you say , “How on earth did I do that?” The answer is in the freedom within you. The answer is in the Spirit with you, which is no respecter of the physical level. It’s going to act according to the spiritual flow of energy.

In wisdom, you supercede your desires and your wants; as you supercede them, you are no longer addicted to them. The process of wisdom is wise choices and the process of wise choices is to complete the action. Then the process of the completed action becomes success and freedom.


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