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MSIA Polarity Balances: Q&A with John-Roger

This Q&A was originally published in the New Day Herald, March 1995.

Q: How does the Polarity Balance work?

J-R: A Polarity Balance is a technique by which the energies or electromagnetic field of your body are brought into greater balance and the flow of energy within your body is enhanced.

Q: Does that mean it is just a physical balance?

J-R: All the MSIA Services are spiritual services.

Q: Can you explain that?

J-R: The Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler consciousness work through the Balance, allowing any negativity that can be lifted at the time of the balance to be lifted and any changes and healings that can take place at that time for the highest good.

Q: Is a Polarity Balance only for when you have a physical illness?

J-R: It depends on what you define as an illness. The Polarity Balance allows the energy blocks that we have created (emotional, mental, or unconscious) and are holding in the electromagnetic field of the body to be released, and this in turn allows the physical body to change.

Q: How is the balance done?

J-R: It is usually done by someone who has been trained and approved through MSIA; the Traveler works with that person. In a Polarity Balance, the balancer places their hands on certain centers on the physical body, one hand as the negative polarity and the other as the positive polarity. This creates a circuit of Light, and Light energy is circled through these centers until each is balanced. The balance is primarily done at the Spiritual level and the balancer is just there to facilitate the process.

Q: Why were these particular centers chosen? Do they relate to any particular body organs?

J-R: Some of the centers may be over particular body organs or known energy centers used in other forms of therapies. This particular pattern of energy centers was given in Spirit.

Q: What if I had a recent operation and can’t have the pressure of hands on the body?

J-R: It can be done very lightly so that it causes no discomfort.

Q: How often should I have a balance?

J-R: We recommend one or two a year or whenever the MSIA Staff is in your area.

Q: If I have a serious illness can I have a Polarity Balance more often?

J-R: More frequent balances are beneficial in certain cases. It’s a good idea to check with me personally.

Q: If I have a serious physical illness, will the Polarity Balance clear all those blockages on the emotional, mental and unconscious so that my physical illness will be healed?

J-R: It depends on your own karmic flow. Some physical illnesses are to help you learn. Sometimes it makes you stop for a while, take a second look at the way you are running your life and make adjustments. Sometimes it is to give yourself time for SE’s, or to just appreciate everything you already have. Spirit works for the highest good in every situation. Because you have placed yourself in Spirit’s hands by having a Polarity Balance, you are already open to change and to the Grace that is available.

Q: Do I need a Polarity Balance if I am physically well?

J-R: It is designed to allow blockages that we already have and are still accumulating to be removed— anything from sitting improperly to negative thinking—and bring the body into greater alignment. You may not experience these changes yet as physical disturbances, but it makes good sense to use the Polarity as preventative.

Q: Do you have to be in MSIA?

J-R: No, they are open to everyone.

Q: Can children have them?

J-R: With the permission of the parents, children 12 years and older can have them. You need to contact the MSIA representative in your area to get clearance from Los Angeles every time a minor is requesting an MSIA service.

Q: What changes should I expect to feel after the Balance?

J-R: Because it is a spiritual balance, you may or may not experience any physical change. The effects of releasing these blocks allow the physical body to come into a greater attunement and a greater ability to function physically in the world. You may feel more energy, lightness (as though a weight has been lifted), and/or more peaceful.

Q: How long can the Balance last?

J-R: The Balance continues to integrate through your energy fields If you hold a positive focus, it can last longer. It depends on how quickly you accumulate blocks through your negative patterns.

Q: Do you reeducate new patterns in the energy circuit with the Polarity Balance, and can these new patterns hold long by having a Polarity Balance?

J-R: Yes.

Q: Why is it important to abstain from sex, drugs and alcohol for three days after the Balance? What will happen if I don’t?

J-R: At the completion of the Balance, a protection of Light is placed with you while spiritual changes continue to occur within your consciousness. Given the sensitive nature of the Polarity Balance, and in order to ensure that this process takes place without any interference, it is highly recommended that you refrain completely from any sex, recreational drugs or alcohol for at least 72 hours following the service. Prescription drugs for a medical condition and prescribed for you by a physician are OK. Engaging in sex, recreational drugs, or alcohol can produce a disruption in the protective layers of Light that are placed with you and may leave you less protected.

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