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Nathalie Franks

Present with the Grace of the Traveler in England

The events for the ‘Traveler’s visit to the UK’  were scheduled to take place in the West Sussex countryside at a beautiful place called ‘Borde Hill’. Stunning views and heritage gardens which are renowned for its rare shrubs and champion trees surround the home {Borde Hill} of Andrewjohn Stephenson Clarke and his charming wife Eleni. They both have been in MSIA for many years and have offered their home for many MSIA events.

Borde Hill (photo by Jsu Garcia)

This visit included a ‘Peace is Present Workshop’ facilitated by Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, and an ‘Initiates and Ministers Meeting’ with our Traveler John Morton. People had travelled from far and wide to attend. As Leigh called in the Light I felt very grateful that after a long time we were able to gather in person for this event.

The Light came in very powerfully, and as I looked toward the back of the room John Morton was sitting there. Leigh’s opening words were ‘peace is present’, she also added ‘and peace is a choice’. Through the many examples she shared with us coupled with exercises done with a partner, I was able to move into the awareness of how I can move from issue to process, and finally into peace. Then John Morton shared with us, the energy was exquisite. I can’t remember a word he said, just to have him present with the grace of the Traveler was sufficient.

After a delicious lunch topped with a strawberry meringue gateau, I filed back into the meeting room for our next meeting.  Andrewjohn called in the Light and welcomed John Morton. Again the energy of love Light and Sound filled the room. I felt after about fifteen minutes my energy field had shifted and it was clear to me that a healing had taken place. John then took some questions from the audience and again that powerful exchange through the Traveler’s grace was being extended.

So ended a wonderful day in the countryside amongst friends. Thank you to Vincent Dupont who worked on sound and Jsu Garcia for just being there. Leigh Taylor-Young Morton you did a great job at facilitating the workshop, and John Morton for always showing up and supporting us all with the wisdom and grace of Love, Light and Sound.

Finally to our hosts Andrewjohn and Eleni, thanks for your service to us all.

Baruch Bashan

Nathalie Franks

2 thoughts on “Present with the Grace of the Traveler in England”

  1. Caroline Khambatta

    It was a special day, thank you all and Nathalie for capturing the essence of the day. Love and light Caroline x

  2. Merlene Bukovich

    Precious Natalie, Thank you for sharing. I AM with you always.
    GOD bless you, I love you. Love, Light, & Laughter, Merlene Bukovich

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