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Choose the Miraculous: Put God First in Your Life


This article by John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in October of 2012.

Do you consider that you have a miraculous life? How would you rate yourself miraculously? On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest and one the lowest, where do you place yourself on the miraculous scale in your experience? If you’re not really on the higher end of the miraculous scale, then I invite you to consider dealing with the Spirit more fully. When we are dealing with the Spirit, we are dealing with the miraculous. We’re dealing with an aspect of this creation that has no limits.

In MSIA, we work to become more attuned to the Spirit and to become more aware of that presence as a reality in our daily lives.

I’d like you to consider that regardless of whatever else you’re doing, you’re choosing to make that presence more of a reality in your daily life. We are in that presence, and when we awaken to that presence, when we make ourselves available to that presence, miraculous things happen.

Someone once said that with God all things are possible. Along with your miraculous quotient, there’s a choice quotient. So now take another little inventory of yourself. How are you choosing? How do you conduct yourself as you go through the day? Do you consider that in your life all things are possible? Are you choosing the miraculous?

It’s important to consider that all the negativity is also possible. We all have preferences. So that if I were to offer you openly and freely whatever you want, you would make a choice clearly as a preference. If I could simplify it for you and say, “You could either have the positive or the negative,” do you know what your preference would be? Maybe you’re wondering if that’s a trick question. So you’re not sure you want to indicate at this moment what your preference would be.

Another aspect of the choosing process is that if you’re not making some choice, you’re making a choice just the same. That’s known as a default choice — a choice by default. The default choice means that even if you refuse in all your power to make a choice, a choice is still made for you. Life has a way of moving along regardless of how you feel about it or what you choose. So choose wisely.

We are creators, and as creators we always have a choice level. Even if some part of a situation seems beyond your control, you have a choice. Consider that if it was in your power to make a change, you’d be making some changes. You still and always have choices.

Consider that on a scale of one to ten, ten would be maximizing your choices which means making use as much as possible of the choices available to you, where are you in the quality of the choices you make? Are you making choices towards the positive or towards the negative? Where do you put yourself on the scale regarding the positive nature of the choices you’re making? If you’re aware that there’s some room toward the ten, then it would be wise to acknowledge that to yourself. Point out to yourself right where you are so you can make better choices.

Positive choices are available to you regardless of the choices you’ve already made. This is one of the miracles of the way choices work. Regardless of how the choices have happened previously, you always have new and better choices. You don’t get a limited amount of choices and then you’re done. It’s not that you go to make a choice and you’re told, “Sorry, you’re out of choices. There are no more choices available to you because you’ve used them all up. So you’ll just have to stand there and be quiet while the others go around making their choices.”

There are always more choices available to you. Consider those choices are ones that demonstrate that with God, all things are possible. Now that’s profound. With God, with my choices with God, all things are possible. That’s true for you and everyone. Is that your experience? If it’s not quite your experience, if that’s not quite how life is occurring to you, then consider that you have more room to be with God. When you really get with God, all things are possible and that’s miraculous.

We all can be working on that from now on — to get with God so that all things are possible. We can know it, and we can choose it. Whatever we could consider, whatever is possible, we could choose to get with God first. It really is our choice, and the first choice is God. That’s the first choice. When we make that choice, then all things are added unto us.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added unto you” [Matthew 6:33]. Those words say something about setting up ourselves so first things are first. If we seek God first, then we automatically bring all things into us.

Now just imagine for a moment if you had a day in which all things happened unto you. That would be one wild day, wouldn’t it? Considering the things that go on in this world, and maybe this is just one small world in God’s creation, imagine if all of them occurred for you today. You might be really glad that all things weren’t added unto you today. You might just take a moment and say, “Thank you. There are a lot of things that I’m very happy that I didn’t have happen for me right now. I’m glad that I have some more time if they’re supposed to happen.”

When we invoke the Kingdom of Heaven, the reality is that not all things are necessary. So if you’ll set up yourself to follow heaven or seek it as best you can, then the things that are part of that in the very best of what it is will follow. The things that are not part of it, that are not necessary, will bypass you and spare you.

In the way you make your choices, you can spare yourself a whole lot of experiences that don’t really serve you and aren’t necessary. They’re not part of making the very best choices. If you are interested in best choices, then it’s a matter of seeking God, the Kingdom of Heaven, first. Now how do we know that? Sometimes we just take it on face value. You might say, “That’s not good enough for me. I’ve got to see it. I got to hear it. Then I’ll believe it.” What if it isn’t about what you see or what you hear? What if it isn’t even about what you know?

Choosing the miraculous is about your faith and trust. When we can follow the line to God as best we can see it and know it, there’s still going to be a level of our choice that we are working according to our faith and trust. That’s where we make the greatest gains in our movement of spiritual inner awareness, by trusting the Lord, our God, with all our body, mind, heart and soul.

In the Bible, it says, “God is love, and he who dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him [1 John 4:16]. That scripture is what we are trusting and what we are faithing. God is love. If you know God is love, then you don’t need to know any more than that. Will you know more than that? Sure, because there’s this quality of God that’s been referred to as a living truth. It’s been referred to in a lot of other ways, but the essential quality that we’re trusting is love — always in all ways.

What we do in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, what we’re about at the beginning, at the end and everything in between, and what we’re measured by, is love. Love is the essential quality that you will find here and what we’re all about. And God is love. So look at what God is showing you and revealing to you through love. Go after the very highest level of God that exists. In MSIA, we’re ruthless about it. Do we always make it in this world? No, but is that our intention? Absolutely, that’s our intention.

With God all things are possible. Is it possible, in this moment, to get a hold of the very highest consciousness of God? Yes. We can get a hold of God just because we’re here. In the sanctity and holiness of who we are, God shows up. One of the aspects I really love about this Movement is that we have a tendency not to be boxed into certain things. Sure, we have our rituals. We have our routines and habits and those sorts of things. But the real thing I find going on here is regardless of where we are, regardless of what’s happening or what’s present, God is here. Love is present. So let’s choose love by loving all.

Sometimes that calls for getting down on our knees and knowing the humbleness of who we are. In that humbleness there’s a quality that I relate to as feeling naked, like we’re choosing not to hide from God or one another. Through the years, I’ve heard sharings from people in the most disclosing, revealing ways. The sharing process can then become very sacred because people really open themselves so they’re vulnerable and showing their weaknesses or misdeeds in ways that would allow judgment.

With the Spirit that we worship and our choice to love unconditionally, we are those who embrace people as we find them regardless of their history. This unconditional love is the love of the Christ, the aspect of the Christ that is the anointing. It is the consciousness of the Messiah that has come into the flesh to reveal the Spirit in the flesh. It can be something that is miraculous in the flesh, and yet we know it as within ordinary selves. So we love one another, and we can reach out and touch the Lord, the Holy One, amongst ourselves.

The Lord is with us, however you experience that. We are two or more gathered in that holy name, the name of love, the Christ who is in our midst. So choose into the love. Put God first in your life, and make your choices for the miraculous knowing that with God all things are possible.

Baruch Bashan


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  1. Wow this article blew me out of the water. It is exactly what I needed today to keep choosing the positive, to keep choosing into God as my focus. And to make myself completely open to the loving!! If you guys haven’t read this, I truly encourage this article from John Morton! xo

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