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Let Us Love One Another: A Seminar with John Morton

By John Morton, DSS
“Let Us Love One Another” was the theme of the latest bilingual Seminar John Morton gave at Prana, the Home of the Traveler, on Feb 10th and John read that statement repeatedly as if he wanted nobody to miss this important commandment.

The house was packed with Latinos who had come from places as far as Morongo and Riverside.

A quote by John Morton stood up for me in the flyer I found on my chair, “One of my constant prayers is that I express the highest consciousness I know: unconditional loving, acceptance and forgiveness.”

The program started with a song in Spanish by Matthew VanFossan who touched directly our Souls, as he knows so well how to do, with his art. The song ended giving thanks for the liberation. I observed most people were listening with their eyes closed. Then we saw 2 Moments of Peace on love by John-Roger.

Fernando Mercado was the MC and Antonietta Shultz the translator. John Morton started by offering a gift of the book “Living Love” by John-Roger to all who wanted it, even those listening online.

John read a J-R quote: “In the Bible Christ says, ‘All men will know you are my disciples if you love one another.’(John 13:35) How do we know if we do love one another? We help each another.”

John said in response: “So let’s love one another. Let’s stop holding back.” I heard the same invitation in the Moment of Peace with John-Roger — to love our neighbor, to forgive our neighbor. “But we need to do that with ourselves, and let’s help each other.”

Then John asked us “What would start happening in the world if we were willing to genuinely help one another?” John was beginning to put realism in his message.

John said he had selected some information from the King James version of the Bible and that he was going to read to us from chapter 13 to 17 of the Gospel of Saint John. John explained that he experiences it as key to divine loving, key to the loving we know in Soul Transcendence, the loving of the Christ. And it really is a form in which we source ourselves in MSIA. He encouraged us to read it.

Personally what I experienced in this seminar is that our Traveler, by reading verbatim from the St. John Gospel, and introducing his own remarks, was bringing the sacred scripture alive for us, in the moment. He was making it as if it were happening right here and now.

My friend Gloria told me that during this seminar she saw John on his knees supplicating us “to love one another.” Let’s make his prayer our own and may God listen to our prayer.


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