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Life Is Awareness

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, May 1985. There is one consciousness here and that is the consciousness of God manifesting as joy.  When you tune into that joy, you tune into the love and then you have tuned into the spiritual consciousness.  It’s been called Soul or Spirit.  You could call it the “God of your heart.”  We call it life.  There is only one action here and that is your individually moving your spiritual awareness from point to point inside of you.  Life in its greatest sense of the word is awareness.

We can feel the Spirit through love.

We can hear the Spirit through laughter and joy.  There are so many avenues that it has placed upon the planet for us to follow.  Find the way that works for you and work that way.  Then you’ll find out that you are moving into a state of awareness and that this awareness brings a form of enlightenment.  As you begin to hold the energy of Spirit, you will gain greater knowledge of the loving it brings.

Everyone on the planet holds keys to the spiritual consciousness.  By following spiritual precepts, you strengthen your inner Light.  The precepts are very simple, but not necessarily easy to adopt.  Acceptance is the first rule of Spirit.  If you are going to follow a spiritual path, you may have to let go of your negative attitudes and accept other people as they are as members of God’s family.  For others of you, it may be a process of accepting that you, too, are members of God’s family.

We are not placed here to become beggars.  We are here to become fulfillers.  We become that which is the experiencer and that which experiences; that which creates it and that which reaps from it.  That is the nature of the spiritual consciousness.

How do we get this?  By conviction, the conviction that it exists.  How do we get conviction?  By a belief.  How do we get a belief?  By faith.  How do we get faith?  By hope.  How do we get hope?  Because of our desire to rise above the negativity we’re in.  Thus, negativity can be the grand starting point by which we move ourselves.

When we express in the world, we are seeking for knowledge.  No one in an eternity of lives here can know all there is to know out there.  This knowledge, this intellect, is overwhelming.  The mind cannot begin to comprehend or hold it.  It wearies because it is a mechanistic quality in us.  The fastest way into Spirit is to turn within and work from the knowledge of the Self.  Each Soul, as it awakens, will come to this same path of understanding.

I would like to extend what blessings I can to those who reach into the world, because you are going to need every one of them.  I would like to bless you with talents, abilities, fortitude and strength.  But to those who are going on the inner path, I would offer the blessing of endurance.  For those who keep the spiritual law to the end, who endure all things, will receive the most precious gift from Spirit – eternal life through eternal awareness of every level of our existence.

Baruch Bashan,

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