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John-Roger on the Sound Current

There is a Sound of God on each level, otherwise known as the Sound Current. The Sound is a very high form of ultimate reality. Once you get into the Soul realm and above, the Light is not seen in exactly the same way as it is in the lower realms. It is impressed on you and heard. It is primarily Sound and secondly Light.

Accordingly, on every level of Light, in every plane, in every dimension, there is a keeper of the Sound Current. Appointed by Sat Nam, this is the one who is granted the keys to the Sound Current and who is known as the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. The Traveler has the keys on every realm for the flow of Light and the Sound Current.

You can work with the Light, an essence of Spirit, by calling it in, and if you have been practicing (doing s.e.’s [spiritual exercises] and serving), it will come in to work with you.

The Sound Current does not necessarily work by your calling on it. With the Sound Current, you have to move your consciousness into it.This doesn’t happen by desire. You cannot wish it so or even imagine it into reality. In fact, there is no imagination involved in this process.

There are different sounds that accompany the different levels. Just because you read that the sound of the Soul level is similar to a haunting flute, this doesn’t mean that you will hear it. You may mock it up with your imagination, and that’s what it will be an imaginative mock-up. Hearing the Sound Current is hearing the Sound Current, and it is not an act of creative imagination. The Sound Current is an audible form of reality on the inner planes. The part inside you that does the spiritual exercises from a spiritual base cannot be deceived or manipulated. You will hear the sounds when you hear them. The information is simply offered so that you can validate the experience when it happens.

Don’t push or judge the quality of your s.e.’s on the basis of whether you hear the sounds, see colors, or have any other experience. You are doing s.e.’s correctly when you do them. The quality improves in relation to your disciplined consistency over a period of time (maybe months, years, decades) and in relation to the quality of loving you express while chanting your tone. There is really no wrong way to do s.e.’s except not to do them.

When you have practiced s.e.’s enough so that you do, indeed, Soul travel, reentry into this physical plane of existence is sometimes difficult. (When your consciousness comes back from s.e.’s and Soul traveling, you may hear a loud popping sound. It might sound like knocking or the slamming of a door.) When you open your eyes and physical sights flood in, accompanied by physical level concerns, you might find this level gross and unattractive. Just remind yourself that you are here on this physical level to solve problems in a loving consciousness.

In time, you can integrate the spiritual and physical worlds. The experiences you have on the spiritual levels, from the colors to the sounds, can be used as a strengthening frame of reference while dealing on the physical level. A guideline that works for both levels is acceptance. Accept what is going on in the physical without judgment and you will be able to handle things much more successfully than ever before. Similarly in Spirit, accept what occurs and what doesn’t, with no judgment, and that acceptance will contribute to your spiritual progress.

There are times when you might have a craving for information about Spirit, from the mental frame of reference. I will share that information, but know it is just that information. The mental level is not Soul. When you experience this information, it then becomes your next step to the realm above. I’ll share the details of the sounds and colors on the different levels. It is something you need not memorize. Just participate in the process of s.e.’s and service, and take the time during spiritual exercises to chant and then listen. In time, you will hear and see what is to be not necessarily in your desire-pattern time, but in Spirit’s time, which is always perfect.

On the astral level, the Sound Current is akin to the whoosh of ocean surf.

On the causal, it’s chimes, or tinkling bells, a very delicate sound.

In the mental level, it’s like running water or a tumbling brook.

In the etheric, it’s a buzzing sound, such as made by a bee or a fly.

In the Soul, there is a flute-like sound, but it is not an ordinary flute. It is a haunting, almost drawing-to-you sound. It’s not tugging because you’ll have no resistance. You will go to it. That is the sound referred to in the Bible: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That is a sound from the Soul level of God, which exists perennially in each person. To hear only takes awakening to that which comes through the Soul.

There are at least 27 levels above Soul with concomitant sounds. When you get above the first level, the sound is like a cool summer wind blowing through easily swaying trees.

Above that level, it sounds as if thousands of violins are playing or angels are singing. It is the beautiful sound that is often described in Greek mythology. The allegories of the Sound of God and the sound that comes from the heavens exist in literature throughout recorded time. When Jesus said that the wind comes where it comes and goes where it goes and that no one knows where it comes and where it goes, he was referring to the Sound of God. (John 3:8)

When you get above the third level of Soul, into the inaccessible levels, you hear the sound of HU. Just the HU described in words or reproduced with the HU-man voice. They are inner sounds beyond description on the physical level.

Q: I have hesitated becoming involved with MSIA because I don’t want to have a guru/student relationship. Must I have that guru/ student relationship with you in order to study with you?

A: I am not a guru, so you can’t have a guru/student relationship with me. I am a wayshower. I point the way towards the Soul Realm. You travel that path yourself; I do not do it for you. The relationship is not of this realm or level. I do not enter into your physical life or tell you what to do or not to do. I am there to point the way if you need to have a spiritual reference point. I am there to guide and assist you in developing a relationship with the Light and with your Inner Self. And I assist you in developing a relationship with the Sound Current.

Q: What is the Sound Current, and what does initiation have to do with the Sound Current?

A: The Sound Current is the stream of energy emanating from God, and it is on that stream of energy that we can move back to our fuller awareness of God. Initiation provides the link with the Sound Current…and then we follow that back through all the realms, into God.

Q: Are the keys to initiation into the Sound Current and the keys to the Traveler Consciousness different? Can someone hold one and not the other?

A: The keys to initiation into the Sound Current are one of the keys that the Traveler holds. There are many more. Only a Traveler holds the keys to Sound Current initiation. Others may give a person words or syllables to chant, but a person is not really a Sound Current initiate unless they are initiated by someone who holds the keys.

Q: What is the difference between the Traveler and the Light?

A: The Traveler is a wayshower, a mechanism that works with people to take them into the Soul realm. The Light is the positive energy coming from Spirit. (There’s also the magnetic light, which works out of the lower realms of Spirit, but I don’t think that’s what you were asking about.) The Traveler channels the Light and rides on the Sound Current and can teach you to do the same. And remember that the Traveler is inside of you.

You reach into Spirit by building the strength of Spirit through spiritual exercises. And the only way you can have the experience, the transcendental knowledge, is to have a spiritual transport that can move you from this physical level into the spiritual realms. This spiritual transport has three parts: the first is love, the second is devotion, and the third is the Mystical Traveler. You travel by way of the Sound Current, the supreme energy force, which is also known as the Holy Spirit, the Unstruck Melodies of Spirit, or God’s Unspoken Voice. You ride the Sound Current back through the formlessness into the heart of God. When you’re doing spiritual exercises, you hear the Sound and follow it, but if you don’t also have the Light, you may stumble and fall. So you bring in the Light to see better. You also need love because that is the motivation to keep going. So you need the Light and Sound and love.

Spiritual exercises are a manifestation of loving, your loving of Spirit and God, and God’s loving of you. When you chant your initiation tone, you are singing the song of loving that has been sung by the saints and sages of all time. It’s a joyful process. Doing spiritual exercises can also bring you the same experiences as those of a mystic; chanting your initiation tone can bring you the realizations that will rip the veil between this mundane world and the experience of the heart of God. As you chant the names of God, as you live from a loving place, and as you maintain those practices no matter what, you find that the Beloved starts appearing inside of you, as you. You find yourself becoming the Promised One. The Beloved lives for you, in you, as you. It’s not designed for this world. As you live within that spiritual form, you may find that the world shifts for you, but it will be more through your perception of it and participation in it rather than from anything outside yourself.

When you are devoted to the Sound and the Light, you are devoted to that consciousness which is the Traveler, you are devoted to yourself, and you are devoted to each other. And when you are working with the Traveler, all things unfold in their right and proper timing. You can assist by loving yourself every step of the way, by doing your spiritual exercises to gain a greater perspective on what you are experiencing, by loving the people around you and treating them with kindness, and by living with integrity and honesty. When you live in the love of the Traveler, it is not necessary to sacrifice the mind, give up the desires, or eliminate the self, because that has already been done. It is over, and now you need only live joyfully and in harmony with your true nature. You can become the spiritual one for whom you have been waiting. All that has been promised to you is here and now. Some people are waiting for a good time sometime in the future, but it can be right here, right now. The good time is present, here and now, because the love is present.

What matters, in each and every moment, is that you are loving. Be loving to yourself and to others. When you are doing that in the reality of each moment, all dilemmas will fall into line, and you will begin attuning yourself to the greater love that is the love of the Traveler. The first step is to be loving. My love is always with you. Use it to lift and sustain yourself until you know your own divinity.


Q: Why is the Sound Current not mentioned in the Bible?

A: The Sound Current is mentioned in the Bible. It is spoken of as the Word made flesh. You will also see it referred to as “the wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and wither it goeth” (John 3:8). If you read your Bible in awareness, you will be surprised how many references there are to the Sound Current.

Here’s a schematic of how things are in the Spirit world. First, though, I want to say that all this is not precise information because it’s spiritual, and so I can’t tell it to you precisely. But I’m hoping I can tell it to you enough where you can get it in your own consciousness.

Positive Negative
God Kal Power (negative power)
Christ Lucifer
Holy Spirit Satan

The Mystical Traveler is actually on both sides, the positive and the negative. The Mystical Traveler embraces all of it, so we can’t sit here and cuss or judge anyone.

We could say that, in a sense of the word, Lucifer has his Holy Spirit, and so do Christ and God have their Holy Spirit. The big difference is that the Holy Spirit under God has both Light and Sound, while the Kal Power only has Light, no Sound. We in MSIA learn more by listening to the Sound Current, and the others learn more by looking only at the Light. Those who are attuned to the Light are going to follow the negative power, the Kal Power.

The two sides are exact duplicates. If they both walked in the door, you probably would not know which was which. And no matter what one did, the other one would do it precisely the same way. So, how do we distinguish between them? The biggest and most outstanding difference is that the positive is the Beloved. Also, the Kal Power side does not have something else that we do have on the positive side, and that is the choice to turn from either side. God allows you the choice to turn from either one. The Kal Power does not want you to have the choice. So if you’ve chosen the negative side, you’ve chosen it, and what comes with that choice is a long incarnation pattern.

People under the Kal Power think that they’re the only ones that can do Sound Current initiations, so they’ll try to give initiations. Will the initiation take? Yes. Will it hold? No.

In s.e.’s or at any other time, if beings come in, some people are concerned that they might be from the negative side. Here’s what you can do: call in the Traveler Consciousness and challenge the being with love. I’d say to it, “Come within my heart and be with the Beloved.” A negative being might try to get in, but the Soul power and the Traveler Consciousness would just take it and move it out. If it is of the positive side, the being can come in, and it is safe for you because it is of the Beloved.

We challenge all negativities, all Light, all Sound to be in the Beloved. The initiates follow the Mystical Traveler, and the Traveler is going to be easy to follow; it’s the Beloved. The Sound Current is also on both sides—positive and negative—and you always challenge what you hear, also. You should always challenge it with love, with the Beloved.

The devil isn’t the Beloved. It won’t “fess up” to being in love with anybody. Most of you who have done your spiritual exercises enough (whatever “enough” means) will immediately pick up the difference between something of the positive and something of the negative. If it’s negative, you can just sort of ignore it. I’ve found that the thing Lucifer and Satan dislike most is to be ignored.

If a person who is under the positive side is being ignored, they may slip over here to the negative side and feel like saying, “You dirty, rotten so-and-so. Who do you think you are anyway?” After they finish feeling all that, they move back over to the positive side. When you start to feel less than loving towards your spouse, your boss, your children, or anyone else, my advice is to go look in the mirror and see who’s looking back, who is doing all that. In personal relationships, act with love, with the Beloved. For example, if it were my wife, I would turn to her, and instead of being angry with her, I would touch her with love and say, “I love you.” The Beloved and the loving are the same. If you’re in the loving, that’s of the Beloved.

Q: Much has recently been written about the “men’s movement,”‘ men not being adequately Initiated into manhood in western society, and the loss men feel because of It. Does the Sound Current initiation through MSIA fill this gap? Am I more of an adult after being initiated by the Traveler?

A: The initiation into the Sound Current that I work with has very little to do with this physical level. It has to do with Soul transcendence. Societal initiation rites were a form of assisting men into a greater awareness of themselves, though the focus of this awareness usually had to do with their contribution to and role in their family and society. The focus of the Sound Current initiation is moving toward a greater awareness of the true self, or the Soul.

So here comes the angel of life and life eternal and life everlasting. When you–as an initiate–are freed by the angel of life, you’re moved over into the Sound Current. The Sound Current is all-pervasive, and you can also be in it more directly. It’s like this: the air in this room is all-pervasive, but if you want to smell the roses, they’re right here, and so you have to get in the area where you can smell them; then you’re drawn in. It’s like that with the Sound Current, and all you have to do is just listen. You can hear it, follow it, and go into the spheres of heavenly glory. It’s wonderful to see people who are doing this while they’re alive—doing s.e.’s and having experiences of that heavenly glory.


Q: Why is there a two-year period of time before someone can be considered for initiation into MSIA?

A: ln those two years that you have contact with MSIA, you are going to be working off so much karma that you’re going to feel you’ve been turned every way but loose. You may feel that you’re going to get off the planet, but not with wings. It’s “nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel, ear to the ground.” But even if things get difficult, there is a great joy underlying it all–the joy that just sings inside of you because you have a knowledge that cannot be proven, that you’re going home. Once you are connected to the sound current, the only way you would not make it is if you would turn from the Traveler. If you do not turn from the Mystical Traveler, he will not turn from you; he’ll stay with you until you are established in soul consciousness. Prior to initiation, you can both turn and choose another way. He’s not bound and you’re not bound. After you are initiated, there is an even freer flowing relationship as the greater truths begin to come into your consciousness.

This is the Spirit of the Sound Current. It starts out “when God spoke,” and that speaking is the Sound Current that we ride on back into God’s heart, into God’s intelligence. It was designed for all levels, but not designed to live here. It was designed to live where it was spoken from, if you can understand that idea. And when God batted his eyes, the lightning flashed and light appeared upon the world. And where God walked, there were great caverns and great valleys. And when he saw the sin of mankind, the tears he cried produced all the water of this world. He knew one day, as in all things, man in his soulic movement—–not man as a male, but man as a human being—–would stand forward and speak God’s name in truth and honesty in the spirit of his heart. And that which is the good that God has promised to all of us––the spiritual promise––would be delivered by, for and through us to all planes of existence. Those times are upon us. That’s why we are not teaching how to do things in materiality. We’re teaching you the immortality–that God is the God of all things, and that he does love. I have experienced that. And I’ve seen Him love others, and I have experienced that. And He’s not a God that lies, but He’s a God that lives the truth of the creation of Himself.

Many people have asked about the Light, and MSIA has quite a few publications and discourses that teach about the Light. We’ve given it the acronym, Living In God’s Holy Thoughts. And we’ve said that Light is a part of the essence of spirituality; it’s a part that can be recognized and related to readily because it can be seen. It’s both an inner quality and an outer quality. The inner quality is more of the Spiritual Light and the outer quality is more of the Magnetic Light. It’s good to keep those two things separated, since they are different qualities. We say everyone is the Light and this is very true. I think we all know that there are different degrees of Light as well as different colors of Light; so to say that someone is not the Light would certainly be an unawareness pattern.

The Sound or the tone of the Current flows out of the heart of God is referred to as the Sound Current, and if we were to use an acronym for that, we might say — Speaking Of Ultimates Now Divine–that’s the Sound Current. The Sound is a much different quality than the- Light. We see the Light when we are working in the lower realms of Light–on the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric realms–and it’s very beautiful. When you reach the Soul Realm, you are impressed with the Light, and that is the Sound Current. On every level of Light, in every plane, in every dimension there is a keeper of the Sound Current. This is the One appointed by Sat Nam, out of the Sach Khand (this is in the higher realms of Light), who is given the keys to the Sound Current, and who is referred to as the Mystical Traveler.

The Mystical Traveler, through the Preceptor Consciousness, has the keys on every realm for the flow of the Light and for the Sound Current. On any realm, including the physical, you must find that One who has the connection to the Sound Current if you are to be connected to the sound that is inside of you and to the Sound that pervades all existences. You might feel that the Light is enough and wonder why the Sound is important. When you are working with the Mystical Traveler Conscious-ness, through MSIA, you will be traveling the inner realms of consciousness in Soul Consciousness. We are not involved in astral body projection or in traveling in the causal body or the mental body or the etheric body. In the higher realms, the only vehicle that we are involved with is Soul Consciousness, which is the one that you want to work with if you’re going to work in the line of Masters of the Sound Current.

When you have illuminated yourself, through the help of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and the forces of Light that work with It or under It, then you can illuminate your way in the inner worlds of your own universe and in the outer universe; so that wherever you go, you won’t stumble or fall, according to the orthodox doctrine of man’s fall. But you won’t really move rapidly on these levels until you are very familiar with the territory. You work more with the Light in the lower realms of consciousness. The Light is a tremendous force of energy and you must gradually learn to work with it, to attune to it, and to use its power. This is why we say, “Don’t become a spiritual glutton and read every book on the market or listen to every tape of every seminar in two weeks.” It will turn against you because you won’t be able to handle that force of energy. These things come gradually. After you’ve learned to traverse the astral realm in Soul Consciousness, you will move into the causal realm and learn to handle that. And then you will move into the next realm and so on. One of the keys is that the higher you get, the more refined the quality of Light and Sound becomes; but in that refinement, it is more secure: In other words (this may sound like a little double talk), the less solid it becomes, the more lasting it is. On this physical level, the quality of Light and Sound is extremely transient. The physical body is sustained here for an average of sixty or seventy years. If you live to be eighty or ninety years old, you’re considered an old ;person and maybe fortunate to have lived so long or cursed to have lived so long, depending upon the type of life that you have had. Most people want to live a long time on this level even if they seem to be miserable because this is the realm with which they are most familiar.

The Light is a nice key; you can work with the Light and call in the Light and bring the Light into yourself, and it will come in to work with you. The Sound Current doesn’t necessarily work that way. If you want that, you have to move your consciousness to it. You don’t wish it to yourself or imagine it to yourself or anything else like that. The biggest “storyteller” in the group doesn’t have it by telling the story that he has it. You have it or you don’t, and there’s no imagination involved in it. This is a very high form of ultimate reality. Quite a while ago, I was talking to a lady who sometimes seems to come across as a self-proclaimed Messiah. In my own quiet way, I had been teaching her about Soul Travel for about a year, and the last time I visited with her, she was telling me about how high she’d gone in the Soul Realm and how she had reached into God-consciousness. I said, “My, what does it look like there?” She said, “You tell me.” I said, “I don’t have adequate words.“ She said, “Then I’ll just tell you the best I can. The Light there is fantastic. And there are the most beautiful things there.” I couldn’t really argue with what she said so I said, “That sounds pretty familiar. I wouldn’t want to say that’s not so. However, could you tell m e anything that’s really noticeable about the Soul Realm?” And she went on to repeat pretty much what she had already said. And then she asked, “Did I answer your question for you?” I said, “Yes, you did. You have answered my question.” She had answered it because she couldn’t. When you get into the Soul Realm and above, the noticeable thing is the Sound. The Light is not only seen; it is heard. It’s Sound.

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  1. wow, I’m moved by all that is laid out here. But what is really amazing is how the awareness of the truth of it is growing inside me. My gratitude is beyond words.

  2. Melissa Petrusse

    I love you JR. I am Love. Thank you for the awareness. Infinite blessings in sweetest gratitude flowing endlessly for you, and MSIA

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