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2016 BlessingsFest at the Conference of the Sound Current

– Increasing Greater Good + Celebrating Freedom!!

Wow!!! What a Truly Divine experience to participate in this glorious BlessingsFest.

Spirit called us together (in person + online) to celebrate the Blessings with our Blessings Traveler, the magnificent John Morton. With beloved Leigh by his side, Johnny took us on a joy-filled Journey of Blessings, into greater + greater awesome Loving Light. Over a Blessed 7 hours, we laughed, cried, Blessed + enjoyed a vast array of sumptuous food and beverages, + laughed some more! (And in my experience, the awesome BlessingsFest is still going on in the Spirit).

I experienced heaven on earth, the presence of the awesome Line of the Mystical Travelers with us, dancing in the heavens + also the Silent Ones and the karmic board, Honoring the Beloved in us all, and celebrating with us, as areas of concern were transmuted into Divine Blessings through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, present in full.

Some of the gems for me:

It’s All Good

Transform to the Loving

God invented patience – so get with that!

The degree to which you forgive, you are forgiven

Freedom is the way the Soul rolls

Make sure people are in heaven inside of you

Access your own inner career counselor

It Is Already Done!

The time is NOW!

Love, Glory, Honor, Joy + deepest Gratitude!!! What a truly awesome way to celebrate Independence Day on 4th July by focusing on our spiritual liberation! And supporting the wonderful J-R Legacy Fund at the same time!

Love, Love, Love!!!


Dawn White



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