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Impressions of Passover to Resurrection

Article imageThe Spring holidays stretched from Thursday evening to Sunday midday for the folks who participated in the MSIA events from Seder Dinner to Easter Brunch on Santa Monica Beach. It was really a glorious time.

A Sweet Seder

For some reason the Passover dinner at the Sheraton Universal this year seemed especially sweet. John Roger officiated with John Morton also hitting some of the high points and Richard Mitz ably handling most of the actual Hebrew text.

In addition to following the traditional form in the Hagaddah (the Hebrew book that describes the order of events for the dinner), there was an introduction explaining the historical and mystical significance of the dinner that added a new level of insight to the holiday.

A memorable part of the evening was a small group of MSIA men singing one of the traditional Passover songs so off key that the Angel of Death was guaranteed not only to pass over, but possibly to pass out.

The evening was one of fun and fine family fellowship for the 589 who attended.

On to Resurrection

The Passover to Resurrection workshop was awesome. John Morton was the point Traveler for the event, and J-R participated with his usual amazing insight and wisdom.

Participants were given the opportunity to explore ways we block greater experience of the Lord in our lives and practice self-forgiveness as a method for sacrificing and moving past the restricting behaviors.

We also learned that the only wrong way to call in the Light is to not call it in, as Jan Shepherd, mastermind behind the weekend, so ably demonstrated by leading the audience in Calling in the Light to Handel’s Messiah. Although Jan was excellent in this, Laura Donnelley Morton took the process to a whole new level, and will probably be considered to replace Whoopi Goldberg if they ever remake Sister Act.

Easter on the Beach with the Traveler

Easter morning found the Heartfelt Foundation staff & volunteers on Santa Monica Beach making pancakes and filling tables overflowing with fruit, croissants, bagels, brioches, muffins and hot cross buns. It was all in preparation for the MSIA Easter Brunch to which everyone in the known universe was invited.

By 9:00am our little section of the beach was filled with folks and their fm radios, preparing to listen to John Morton’s Easter talk.

My wife, Penelope Bright (of New Day Herald Grapevine fame) and I MC’d the morning, with wonderful music provided by Clea Rose (a personal favorite), Angel Gibson (leading us in singing Alelujah to the music of Pachelbel’s Canon), and the Easter Bobby, Robert Tackney (singing his down home Country Western style praises to the Traveler, the Christ and the Lord). Bob was there at the express request of John Morton, who, upon seeing the Tackney-less schedule for the morning demanded, “Where’s my Bob Tackney!?” (Needless to say he got him.)

With children playing on the beach, John performed three baby blessings, and then did a seminar that ended with his invitation for anyone who came by to join us for breakfast. The children, who were more interested in Easter than eating, were treated to a visit by Betty Bunny, who, according to Laura Donnelley Morton, is an intimate of the Easter Bunny and had access to the Easter Bunny’s stash of candy and eggs.

The weather couldn’t have been more glorious, and the number of sunburned faces wandering around Prana on Monday attested to the fact that people stayed and enjoyed the fellowship well on into the day.

People had traveled from across the continent and even around the world to attend the Passover/Easter events this year. If you know anyone who was here for the events, ask what they thought. Then, plan on making your reservations early for next year’s Spring holiday with the Traveler. It was that good.

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