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An Invitation To Peace

Article imageFebruary 2000 in Itatiba, a small town in the state of Sao Paulo, was where we began a Peace Awareness Training (PAT) for the first time in Brazil. Needless to say the group was extremely enthusiastic about the whole training, but at the same time there was a prevailing aura of uncertainty. This helped to add a special “spice” to the training, also known as “trust”. This energy of trust was widespread. It flowed into our spirits and we knew we would be taken care of and loved throughout. We knew we could simply be ourselves.

For many of the members of the group, this PAT was possibly their first intimate contact with the energy of the Traveler. Many of them soon realized they had no idea of what that meant. Every day, as we entered the main room, all we could see were the pictures of John-Roger and John Morton. Those were surrounded by nature, 1 million square meters of a most vibrant landscape. At first we (assistants) decided that the beauty of the surroundings could become a distracter to our day’s work. We were wrong. The group quickly learned that total discipline would lead to total freedom. Once again, our trust in the spirit allowed us to blend our love into the abundance that the hotel and its surroundings provided us. Not surprisingly we were fully supported in our intentions.

In the meantime, internal resistances began to drop, one by one. Many obstacles were overcome with trust. We could almost feel the physical presence of the Traveler Consciousness. It seemed as if the pictures on the wall were speaking to us (and at times they did speak straight into our hearts). The seminar flowed. Every step represented a new discovery. Each member seemed to experience what they were there for. We were allowed to experience the spirit and the Traveler.

We wanted to learn, and we did from each task. We took care of ourselves, and because of that we were able to care for the others as well. Everything happened at the right time, in silence, and in the present. We created a perfect magnet among ourselves, which helped us to give as well as to receive. Little by little we became able to savor amrita, the nectar of Gods, offered to us by the Traveler. It was a great experience in which love, abundance, wealth, treasures, service and physical contact would involve us both internally and externally. There we planted our PAT seed and it did feel like the first effort in our attempt to get back home. It does not matter where the training takes place, be it a monastery, a camping site or a hotel.

PAT is a magic seminar, an encounter and a revelation. We hope we can encourage all members of the MSIA family who are reading this report and who may have never had the chance to take part in such a seminar to open themselves to this wonderful giving and receiving wherever on the planet they might be. This seminar is a “transmuting device”. It touches the soul and involves us in trust and peace – a lot of it!

We take this opportunity to thank J-R and John Morton for their support and for their unconditional love which guided us all along the way. We are also grateful to our MSIA Rep in Sao Paulo, Suely Rodrigues, who carefully chose the premises for the seminar; to Zeca Barata, our external assistant, and to all assistants who came from outside Brazil: Paty Jones, Nigel and Reymi from Chile, Cristina Rivero from Argentina; and to Rinaldo Porcile, our facilitator, for his unconditional love and talent, which helped transform this training into a holy grail of victories, happiness, and success for us all.

Tentative dates for further PAT training’s in Brazil for the current year are as follows:

August, PAT I, 08/13/2000

September, PAT II, 09/13-09/17/2000

November, PAT III, 11/15-11/19/2000

We Hope to see you in this new venture. No matter where you come from, you’re welcome.

Peace and Love,

Translator: Guilherme Pacheco

An Invitation To Peace

Of all the experiences we’ve shared during our PAT training in Brazil I’d like to focus on two. First of all, let me talk about the place where the seminar was held. It was truly paradise – spacious, colorful, lots of greenery, and the right relaxation facilities (both natural and technological). The quality of service was excellent, the food was delicious, and we were faced with many opportunities to be in silence and at the same time, reap the benefits of the natural beauty that surrounded us. We could isolate ourselves if we wanted to, or, alternatively go for a walk, lie on a hammock, or rest near the pools without being disturbed by anything, yet fully protected. The clear skies at night were ideal for our spiritual exercises, and for our guided meditations on tape; and always supported by silent yet attentive assistants. Throughout the seminar we were blessed with multi-colored species of flowers, birds and a variety of sounds around the chalets. Good restaurants and great facilities overall. Absolutely wonderful!

I’m very thankful for this experience,and for the love of the Traveler which manifested itself in the form of natural beauty and delicate material comfort provided to all participants, assistants, and the facilitator. This helped us realize how creation is ready to support us, and serve us, while leading us back home. I’m truly grateful to the Traveler for allowing me to be next to him and so many brothers and sisters in this very special occasion. Altogether, it was a awe-inspiring opportunity. I felt invigorated and ready to keep on serving!


Argentina Assistant

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