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On the Road in New York and Rhode Island with the MSIA Travel Staff

Article imageThe Big Apple (New York) is “looking lighter” John-Roger mentioned, or words to that effect, as he opened the MSIA Seminar for Discourse Subscribers on Saturday, evening, May 13. Light columns placed by the Ministers are working. Ah, the New Yorkers and visiting Discourse Subscribers from Philly, DC, Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine rejoiced to see J-R beaming from the stage. Graham Holley prepared the way as our Italian cannoli maker made aware of the Holy Cannoli. Eve Dickens helped us tune up with our Ani Hus as she accompanied us with her flute. Earlier in the day John visited and shared with the New York MSS YR 1 class.

On Sunday, May 14 the Himalayan Institute hosted a Blessing Book event with John leading a group of 70 + people in looking at claiming the blessings right here for each of them, and in selling 73 books through the East-West bookstore and more from our own Mandeville Press stash. From the wonderful seeding placed the evening before from the Discourse Subscribers, John was able to physically share the blessings even more by handing out 54 Blessings books.

Overflowing with blessings, Mother’s Day was topped off by the blessing of both J-R and John taking questions and answers from the East coast Ministers and Initiates. But wait, there were still more blessings in sight for 27 attendees of the next evening’s IIWP fundraising Dinner and Q&A with John and J-R at the Abigail Adams Annex. Caryn Kanzer and Joan Witkowski (ably assisted by Wade Binder) saw to their vision of creating monies for IIWP manifesting in transforming the Annex into a beautiful, classy yet cozy candlelit salon. Into the wee hour of the morning, J-R and John lovingly attended to all who asked. Loving and gratitude flowed throughout the night. Our deep thanks to Larry Brock who assisted Vincent and Doug throughout the entire three days on putting up and packing up the sound equipment. Thank you Melba Alhonte for setting up those services for the yearning New Yorkers and to Ann Webre and Christine Lynch and the many other volunteers who gave of their time and energies to serve in all ways.

And now it’s on to Providence, Rhode Island for our May 16 evening “Blessing” book event at the brand new Providence Borders Books.

Hot on the trail of “The Blessings Already Are” booksigning tour…On the evening of May 16th, in the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island, John Morton discoursed on blessings in the Borders Bookstore next to the magnificent State Capitol building. One of the great blessings of the evening was when John-Roger (NY Times’ bestselling author and John Morton’s golf buddy) joined John in the booksigning. Blessings were present as the local community joined in to buy 50 of “The Blessings Already Are” books. Before the night was over both John Morton’s “The Blessings Already Are”, and John-Roger’s “The Spiritual Warrior” were completely SOLD OUT!!!!

Next, we moved from the quiet and beautiful Providence, to the fast paced city of New York.

The day: Saturday, May 20th
The place: Barnes and Noble’s Columbia University Bookstore
The results: SOLD OUT!!!!

Those attending the Columbia University Bookstore booksigning had the privilege of listening to John-Roger’s heartwarming introduction of John Morton, and John Morton spoke of blessings leading to the purchase of 60 of “The Blessings Already Are” books, again selling the store out!!!

It is truly wonderful to see Blessings being shared with so many people. It is a great service to one’s own self and to those around them to read and live in the attitude that “The Blessings Already Are”, and more and more people each day are realizing the blessings that are already present, making living a joyful process.

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