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On the Road in the Northeast with MSIA Travel Staff

Article imageColumbia, Maryland

Gorgeous spring weather greeted the MSIA travel staff, Vincent Dupont, Mario Morresi, Doug and Angel Gibson when we arrived in Columbia, Maryland for the beginning of the Northeast MSIA staff trip. The community opened their arms to take us in and the weekend was full with John Morton’s “Blessings” booksigning at the Columbia, Maryland Border’s Bookstore on Saturday.

The DC/MD MSS YR 2 class attended the afternoon book talk and event, participating in buying the books and receiving the blessings that were called forward by John and all present. J-R added his own special support by his presence there and over 70 “Blessings” books were sold. Even the Manager of the bookstore asked for a blessing that he wouldn’t run out of books before everyone received what they wanted.

Later that evening John did an MSIA seminar for Discourse Subscribers beginning the program with a pitch for buying raffle tickets that would entice the terra cotta warriors of Xian to go on the China trip. The tickets ran out by the next day as John continued his invitation to be part of the china trip drawings at the sharing he did at the Sunday morning Masters class.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our journey continued northward as we traveled up to Philadelphia. The balmy weather embraced us as we breathed in the fragrance of the purple and white lilacs, and enjoyed the visual splendor of the many shades of new green on the trees and bushes and grass all around us. J-R and John took questions and answers into the late evening at the IIWP Fundraising Dinner and Q&A at Gerda Paumgarten and Larry Goldfarb’s spacious home.

The next afternoon the Philly MSIAers were treated to a book event of their own at the Tower Bookstore on South street. The employees of the bookstore got into the Spirit of the event creating a large JOHN Morton sign, and asking that John sign the rest of the remaining books (only 9) so that special autographed copies would be available. 41 out of 50 books were sold, and Towers was very happy. That evening John told the group at the MSIA seminar for Discourse Subscribers about his early days in MSIA, and shared with us how precious is the Pearl of great Price. Not letting much grass grow under our feet we bade farewell with hugs and love and thanks to our Philadelphia family and moved on to New York, New York.

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