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Highlights from MSIA’s Conference 2000

Article imageConference 2000 opened on the evening of Wednesday, June 21st, with John Morton leading a “Spirit in Everday Life” Workshop, and ended on the evening of Sunday, June 25th, with John Morton addressing the Sheraton Universal Ballroom filled to the maximum with Traveler’s initiates. In between these two events, John-Roger and John Morton masterfully led the attending MSIA’ers through a loving medley of blessed events.

Wednesday, June 21st

Exploring Spirit In Everyday Life Workshop
Over 200 Discourse Subscribers and 100 guests attended the “Exploring Spirit in Everyday Life” workshop led by John Morton with Jesus Becerra translating for the numerous Spanish speaking folks. Exemplifying the very essence of the workshop, John departed from the script to fill the evening with demonstrations of practical ways we can bring Spirit into our lives, and anecdotes from his own life. By the end of the workshop participants were definitely in the Spirit of the occasion. John closed the evening visiting with participants and signing copies of his book, “The Blessings Already Are.”

Thursday, June 22nd

Representatives Meeting

Bright and early on Thursday (9:00 AM to be exact), MSIA President Vincent Dupont convened the Conference 2000 Representatives meeting. This included Reps of MSIA, PTS, That Which Is, IIWP, Seminar Leaders, and Heartfelt.

Vincent spent a few minutes telling the Reps of the changes in approach to making the Teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them. After the Reps met and shared in small groups, John Morton spent an hour and a half answering questions from the group.

PTS Graduation

Dr. Liz Bixby-Garver, the new Academic Dean of Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS) hosted the Graduation ceremony for 65 happy grads of the PTS Masters program.

Each graduate had the blessing of a loving hug from John-Roger after receiving their diplomas.
John Morton followed the festivities with a seminar.

Institute for Individual and World Peace Thank-you Seminar

Hundreds of IIWP Donors came together to further their support of J-R and John’s ministry. Robin Graham hosted the event as the newly installed President of IIWP. He explained the plans to open the use of Windermere to more events.

Robin then presented the IIWP Service Award to Jan Shepherd for her devoted service to the Institute. Robin also introduced the IIWP staff.

John-Roger completed the evening with an inspiring seminar.

Friday, June 23 & Saturday, June 24

Loving Each Day Workshop

The next day saw the start of a workshop based on the newly re-released book, “Loving Each Day.”

J-R and John led the Loving Each Day Workshop with loving and humor. Participants did processes based on Loving Each Day quotes, and there were many question and answer sessions with J-R and John.

Sunday, June 25

MSIA Minister & Initiates Meetings

On Sunday, J-R and John shared with the Ministers in one meeting and the Initiates in another. In the Ministers Meeting, there were Minister of the Year Awards and MSIA Service Awards. Here are the winners:

Time After Time, Year After Year, With A Twinkle In Your Eye You Steadfastly Answer Spirit’s Call. Though You Touch So Many With Your Ministry, Few Are Aware Of All That You Do. Spirit Knows. Now We Call You Forth In Celebration Of Your Dedicated, Joyful Service, To Stand As An Example Of How MSIA Ministers May Serve And To Receive Our Acknowledgement And Thanks.

Minister Of The Year

Yours Is A Ministry Of Light And Sound, Though You Most Often Remain Silent And Unseen. Devotion And Dedication Are The Expression, Of The Joy That Is The Essence Of Your Service. Though You Often Stay In The Back, We Ask You To Step Forward Now, As We Gratefully Recognize You

Minister Of The Year


Answering the call of Spirit in your heart, you have brought your dedication, humor, and loving to your service to the Traveler. We love the way you combine your intelligence with the wisdom of the heart, and we appreciate you and all you do.

Liz Bixby

MSIA Service Award

For many years, you have assisted with the Traveler’s work, bringing your caring, devotion, and sense of fun to all you do. Your consistency and dedication have been noted, and we are very grateful to have you among us. We love and honor you.

Kathleen Safron

MSIA Service Award

In addition we are giving our long term service awards (gold Hu pins with diamonds) to people who have already received a service award to: Laurie Lerner and David Sand

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