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“Blessings” Book Events in California

Article imageSan Jose, CA

On June 9, John Morton and Doug and Angel Gibson flew to San Jose, CA and visited the Nor Cal MSS YR 1 class for a sharing with the Traveler. The class was delighted to have John start off their last weekend of the year with several hours of loving and a Spirit-filled Q&A.

As a further treat the class expanded their lunch break the following day, Saturday, June 10, to include a visit to the Crown bookstore in San Jose. 37 people came to listen to John share about the Blessings and to receive of the Blessings that were poured forth that afternoon. Chuck Millar, the NorCal MSIA Rep and laudable citizen of San Jose had connected with store manager, Jennifer Comey, to set up the book event. Jennifer commented that she had never had so large an attendance to a book event in her store, nor had she ever sold so many books at a book event – 71. We loved setting a new standard! Monica Valdez assisted Doug in setting up the sound for the event and we could hear John’s dulcet tones resonating all through the store. We also thank Chuck for even going across the parking lot to make sure staff had some Pete’s coffee to keep them going! What a guy! Well we couldn’t tarry too long for John, Doug and Angel had to keep moving to catch a plane for Santa Barbara where John was due later that evening to pay a visit to the Santa Barbara MSS class.

Santa Barbara/Goleta, CA

Later that afternoon, Saturday, June 10, our plane arrives at the Santa Barbara airport. The sun is making its way lazily down, and it’s time to go see the Santa Barbara MSS YR 1 class. We are met there by John-Roger. Jeeni Lawrence, the class facilitator, has put the class through their paces, and they are putty in the hands of the Travelers, J-R and John, for the next few hours just drinking up the love and Light and joy that emanated.

The next afternoon, Sunday, June 11, found us in a new Borders Bookstore in Goleta. Matt Kolacz, the Borders CRC, did his best to open the store to the Blessings. We were the first book event in the store and his first event as the CRC and we filled up and overflowed the speaking area. It was another sellout as 80 Blessings books were sold, and more J-R books too! To the crowd’s delight J-R introduced John in his own inimitable fashion letting us know clearly and awesomely how beautiful the Blessings book is. John shared with the group and took questions, completing the day with a blessing for the group and the store. As the sun once again headed into the ocean we happily drove back to Los Angeles laughing, snoozing and listening to the Lakers game.

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