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The Awakening Heart

The Awakening Heart
by John-Roger, DSS


People often ask me, “How is Insight different from the other seminars that I’ve heard about?” I tell them that there are a lot of different seminars available in today’s world and they are all really fine with what they do. However, I’m not doing these other seminars. I’m working with Insight Seminars and we deal with a whole different type of inner energy.

People participating in Insight after attending seminars and groups often comment on the gentle and nurturing approach they discover in Insight. They note the lack of restrictive confrontation or attack on personal beliefs they have come to expect from other seminar experiences. Some are amazed to discover the depth of experience that is achieved through such an easy and natural process because it is so natural. What is learned in Insight is easy to transfer to everyday experience in very workable ways.

Those of you who have participated in Insight can attest to the fact that Insight didn’t do anything for you. That is true. Insight gives you a lot of keys and experiences that may be completely new experiences for you as far as your heart goes. A lot of these are tools that you can use in your daily life. But guess who decides whether or not to use those things? Yes, it’s you. We can give you the key, but you have to put it in the doorknob and turn it. So you’ll be the one who determines whether or not you get something out of Insight. The more you participate, the more value you’ll get.

We’ve all had reasons for non-participation in our lives, and haven’t they been good? Perfect! Now we can just cast the reasons aside and open the heart. In Insight we work with the heartfelt energies; awakening the heart. The way you can experience more of the heartfelt energy is by becoming involved and becoming more active in your life. The heart may seem to close down periodically in order to regenerate, but it will stay open more and more and more as you start participating more fully in your life. This energy will move past your mind, emotions, and ego until it comes to the very center that we call Love, or God, or the Heart, or energy, or Spirit, or whatever term you want to call it.

In Insight we use a statement: “Go for it!” When you are thinking you don’t know why you should do something, we say, “Go for it!” Why? What have you got to lose? The fear that runs you? The ways you limit yourself? The things that have authority over you? Any fear you have, any resistance, any type of programming in you that says, “Oh, I can‘t because…“ are things that have authority and power over you, Insight grads will tell you that through your willingness to “Go for it!” and participate as fully as you can, you may find ways to step free of limitations of the past.

When people ask, “J-R, what is the Insight seminar about?” I say, “It’s really hard to tell you because it’s about you. It’s about what you do and what you don’t do. It’s about how you do it and how you don’t do it.” And they say, “Give me an example. “ The Insight Seminar works like a mirror. You’ll have many opportunities to see how you do things that support you and are to your advantage, how you do things that undermine you and work to your disadvantage, and how you transform your life experience in greater ways than you may have previously thought possible.

As we are looking for ourselves, we often see ourselves in others who are open to reflect. We then love them, not just for who they are, but for that reflection of our love in them. What we’re really saying is, “When I’m with you, that place inside of me that is loving awakens.”

In awakening the heartfelt energies, you can’t help but discover your own self-worth, your own self-love, your own magnificence. Then you start to learn the subtle nuances of the insight and you bring it out here so it’s an out-sight, or you might say, out-of-sight.

We won’t have true outer sight until our inner sight or insight in present. We really don‘t have outer loving until our inner loving is there. We aren’t going to have outer peace in the world until inner peace is present. That’s our job, to start having peace inside. So really the prayer, the affirmation, the challenge for today is:

Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.
With every breath I take,
let that be my solemn vow…
to love each other, to be with each other,
through all eternity.
Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.

In light and Love,
Founder of Insight Seminars

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  1. Almost happy birthday. Happy eternity. Insight lifed me. I did the first one with you and russell bishop. My birth day began with you and here i am celebrating your birth day. Traveller. Peacemaker. Wing Commander. Soul Transcender. Always love in all ways. God Bless all of us brought together in your intelligence. Baruch Bashan. Love. Light. .jennifer butler

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