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Being Complete

Article imageLess than a week ago, my Father passed in Spirit. Guess what? I feel great!

I have come to realize that one of the most valuable and greatest teachings brought forward by J-R and John Morton, is ‘being complete’ with everyone or ‘closure.’ I wouldn’t attempt to refer you to a particular written passage or seminar, but I recall them both on different occasions speaking about the value of being complete as much as possible with everyone in our lives. I took that to mean that everything is said, shared and expressed so that when we are separated by miles, circumstances or death, inside of us, we are loving and clear with that person.

Though my father has been ill for quite some time, he lived a fairly normal life, enjoying a sound mind and a great sense of humor (one of his gifts to me). I was blessed in that, when my Father’s health took a turn for the worse over eight months ago, I was able to spend a lot of quality time with him. He slowly grew weaker and thinner, anxiously awaiting his time to transition and wondering since he “let go,” why he wasn’t “going.”

During our face-to-face visits and our numerous telephone conversations, we both were able to express our deep love and appreciation for each other, recall memories joyfully and set our minds at peace in the knowledge of our years of loving together. The day before he died, during our last conversation, he said to me, “Honey, it’s really time to go,” and I said that I knew that to be true. I told him that he should try to relax as much as possible, sleep, and when he woke up, he’d be in God’s embrace. He said “That would be nice.”

I again told him how much I loved and appreciated him, and sent him the Light for his journey home. Though I wasn’t physically present when he finally gave over his Spirit, talking with him the previous day and spending seven days with him the week before was truly a gift. It was challenging watching his discomfort with his process and my mother try to let go of her mate of sixty-two years. It was truly a gift beyond what words can express, for never have I loved and appreciated my Father more, marveling at his strength and dignity, nor loved and appreciated the Travelers more for what they bring forth.

So, my hope is that you, too, take this important teaching to heart, and take the time to complete with those you love

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