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John-Roger, John Morton, Mystical Traveler

Traveler Q&A

Q: Often when I forgive myself, I don’t feel like it really worked. Am I doing something wrong?

J-R: You appeal to the forgiveness, and you say, “God forgive me.” When you say, “But I didn’t feel anything,” you are missing where the forgiveness takes place. It does not take place in your emotions or in your mind. You are forgiven in your Spirit, where you carry the judgments. If you are in touch with your Spirit, you’ll feel it quickly, and you’ll know that the forgiveness took place.

Q: I got behind on reading Discourses because I kept looking for the perfect time to read the entire Discourse at one sitting.

JM: I probably went through several years before I was able to read an entire Discourse in one sitting. I’m not sure I made it until I had finished all 144 Discourses. If I could get in 3 or 4 pages in a sitting, that was pretty good. I was and am such a willing out-of-the-body initiate. I am so glad that I would be chosen to go with very little understanding or comprehension on my part. I just couldn’t stay here when I took on the Traveler consciousness. I’m not much better at it now, but I can sort of keep my eyes open more than I used to.

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