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Helping Make the Traveler a TV Star:

Article imageDid you know the Traveler can be seen on over 100 TV stations nationwide? It’s true; the Traveler stars in his own syndicated series, “That Which Is,” on public access cable TV across the country. It is produced by the Network of Wisdoms. (Check the MSIA Web site, for stations.)
When J-R or John’s smiling face appears on the screen, who do you think is largely responsible for this modern miracle of technology taking place? Certainly J-R and John for putting their bodies on the line. And certainly the highly skilled technical and artistic folks who produce, direct, shoot, record and edit the tapes, making them of the highest professional quality. But all their work would be for naught without the efforts of one man in a high tech hobbit hole of an office in Santa Monica.
That man is David Gerke, and without him, all that we would have is an ever increasing stack of videotape masters of the Traveler. David Gerke is the person who makes the copies of the tapes and ships them out to cable TV stations so we—and thousands of others thirsting for the Traveler’s teachings—can see them.
David is an unassuming guy. He says it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do his job (but with a PhD in nuclear physics and over 20 years in that industry, he practically was one). All it takes is unswerving dedication to the Traveler, a willingness to do the work, and, oh yeah, time. Lots of time.
For David, doing what he does is more than a job—it’s a way of life. Well, okay, it is his life. He spends countless hours, at least 12 a day on a good day, doing what he does to make sure the Traveler is on the air.

Exactly what does David do? It doesn’t sound like it would take a whole lot of time to service a hundred cable TV stations. But at closer look there is more than first meets the eye.
For every master tape he receives from Netowrk of Wisdoms (NOW) Productions, David makes 100 copies, many of which need to be done in “real time,” i.e., it takes an hour to dub a one-hour tape. Each tape is then spot checked to make sure it recorded properly. Since David sends each station four different tapes at a time so they have enough for the month’s schedule, he records, reviews, and ships about 300 tapes a month!
Shipping involves the usual routine of creating labels, keeping tracking sheets, and making up boxes. All simple, easy work—that takes time, yet can be fun and relaxing with volunteers to help.
In addition to maintaining the existing 100+ stations, there are thousands of stations around the country to contact and continue to expand. With time and assistance, David would like to keep expanding the Traveler’s air time.
Beyond maintaining the status quo, David also handles special projects, like dubbing the Windermere Horse Sales Videos, he researches projects for NOW Productions. For example, he heard about a satellite company that reaches a wide area of viewers. Maybe getting on board with them would more effectively cover the same geographical area as several cable stations.
There’s also David’s pet idea of creating a “That Which Is” audio network for all the people who may not have TVs, yet who might be seeking the Traveler’s teachings. He mentioned more than once that in places like Nigeria, where we have several MSIA communities, or in some of the Spanish speaking countries, The Traveler may reach more people on radio than on TV.
Since we have not yet learned from the Traveler how to create more than 24 hours in a day, David has come to rely on a way to get more done in this time dimension. That involves inviting others to assist with all the details of getting the Traveler on TV…you could look at it as playing a part in making the Traveler a TV star.
For those in the Los Angeles area, it could be as simple as stopping by David’s office at 2101 Wilshire Blvd. once a week or once a month and cleaning up returned video cassettes. Or stopping by his office, grabbing a bunch of boxes to take home and put together, and bringing them back assembled as they are needed.
For others who want to play, whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere, consider calling your local cable stations, or cable stations around the U.S. to see if they will run “That Which Is.” (Contact David first for instructions on what you need to tell them.) One enthusiastic person with a vision ended up getting “That Which Is” on 5 stations in communities around where she lives.
Another thing you can do is be the NOW contact person in your area. That involves receiving the tapes from David once a month, delivering them to your local cable station, picking them up after they’ve been shown and sending them back to Los Angeles.
If you’re research oriented, seeking and contacting subscription satellite companies to find out their process can help. Likewise with checking into radio stations that have free public access programming.
And for the right Los Angeles people who are willing to make a long term commitment, David is willing to train how to do the actual videotape dubbing. Only serious inquiries from those willing to hang in for the long haul please…
David is a quiet fellow. He speaks gently. It’s amazing to think that in his little office, he holds the fate of the Traveler’s career as a TV star in his hands (and dubbing decks). Maybe you’d like to join him. Get a taste of the power of Hollywood. Think about it. Maybe you and David can do lunch—if David can find the time.

For further information on how you can join the Traveler’s Cable TV team, contact David Gerke at (310) 453-4579.

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