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Windermere Winter Wonderland

Article imageMonday, March 15th, 1999, dawned with an unexpected layer of white covering the ground, trees and the rocks at Windermere. During that morning the snow continued to fall and the wind gusted, building little drifts halfway up the windowpanes of the houses. By the time the snow ended later in the day, Windermere had six inches of snow—our own version of a winter snowstorm!

Windermere has had its share of interesting weather this year. On any given day, you may view some spectacular changes in the sky from the rocks at Quelein. One large rock there has a perfect spot for sitting and viewing the magnificence of the sky, the coastline and Santa Barbara down below, and the ocean beyond.

This is your invitation to come visit and take a seat. If you come early in the morning, you just may see the sun turn the pre-dawn clouds from dark grey to deep purple to crimson to gold. Or perhaps you will see the wind sweep the fog up from Santa Barbara through the canyons down below you until the fine, wet mist reaches to where you are sitting and turns everything around you to grey/white. Or you might see white billowing clouds cover everything below you, so that it looks like you’re looking out over a white, fluffy ocean.

Come visit and experience what is here for you. And we’ll be very happy to see you here.

Ted Drake,
Lynn Cox,
Beth Hinman,
David and Teresa Rodgers

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