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Brenda Fishbaugh’s Great African Adventure


I am so excited to be in Capetown! I saw the ad in the NDH for John’s visit to Africa and KNEW I had to be here. I didn’t see how it could happen, but I leaned into it and it all happened with amazing grace and ease.

John, Vincent and David Morton arrived yesterday. They invited me to dinner tonight at the Cape Grace Hotel. What an amazing night. Monica Willard and Deborah Moldow from the World Peace Prayer Society joined us. Monica and Deborah have been working with Carolyn Sachs (MSIA South Africa rep) to put together the Peace Pole dedication at Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned). They aren’t familiar with MSIA, but quickly picked up on the Traveler’s peace. We all connected so easily and had such a sense of intimacy together. John’s magic in full gear.


John, Vincent, Carolyn, David and I attended Yogi Bhajan’s workshop today. Yogi Bhajan is the Master of Kundalini Yoga. He was quite a character and had great simple techniques for removing negativity, increasing happiness and creating more life-force. I really had fun watching other devotees with their master. Yogi Bhajan insulted his sound crew every two minutes–it was just like J-R at Conference. However, NOW Productions are a million times better than the motley crew of devotees that Bhajan has.

John did a presentation on MSIA at the Parliament of World Religions. We had a small but very interested group. The Parliament is a great forum for our church and John seems very well received. After John’s presentation, we walked outside – a beautiful day with Table Mountain behind us. John put his arms around Joan Beisel (MSIA New York who was at the Parliament with United Youth International), Carolyn Sachs and me and then conducted a Moment of Peace. An incredible experience to be touching John when he is wearing his Traveler Mantle. It was a very special moment.


Up before dawn to catch the two ferry boats to Robben Island for the Peace Pole dedication. Carolyn did a remarkable job making this happen – 300 people of every faith and the flags of all nations. Ahmed Kathrada – a former prisoner of Robben Island, stood beside John his entire speech and held the South African flag. It was really beautiful. John was so moved by the energy that he was almost in tears. His voice broke a couple of times, but made his words even more impactful. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the ceremony was over.

After the Peace Pole ceremony, John and I toured the prison and saw Nelson Mandela’s cell in solitary confinement. The cells were so small and the conditions must have been horrible. A good place for a Light Column!


John and Vincent attended Parliament Assembly meetings today. When John realized he wasn’t going to be able to facilitate his Parliament workshop on Forgiveness, he asked David Morton and me to handle it. It was the most Spirit-filled thing that I’ve ever done. Spirit just charged David and me – we were so full of grace. The workshop went incredibly well. Standing in for John Morton – now, there are some shoes to fill!

My three and half days with the Traveler in Africa were the best of my life, absolutely the most amazing time. John is a walking miracle. I’m so blessed to have been in South Africa to experience it.

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