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Conference of Liberation 1999

Laren Bright shares with us that 130 people, new and seasoned MSIA veterans, showed up for an amazing workshop, “Exploring Spirit in Everyday Life,” facilitated by Paul Kaye with Spanish translation by Jesus Becerra. The magic of this approximately 2-hour workshop is that it offers something of substantial value, regardless of your level of spiritual studies. Participants created a “toolbox” of techniques for experiencing the Spirit. The smiles of the participants—new and veterans—attested to the power and simplicity of what we do in MSIA, experiencing the truth that Spirit is as close as our next breath.


Representatives from around the world started this meeting gathred in small circles for brainstorming sessions on subjects like “Outeach.” This international gathering was then blessed with a talk by John Morton. Some quotes from John:
“Happiness is a sign of successful service. “There are people looking for what this is. This is a teaching of upliftment and how to have a good life. “Why not set it up so that we’re constantly blessing ourselves? “Our basic job is making our awareness of Soul and our relationship with God more conscious. “Get over the restrictions you place on doing this work. Is not liking the way someone talked to you justification for shutting down your awareness of Soul? “Go forward and do this work, where you do love one another. “Serve the heart; this is the way to live a vital life. Where there is the will of the heart, there is a way. When the heart is inspired, that’s the Lord talking. “The more you exercise the grace, the less restrictions have anything to do with you.”
This year’s focus: Supporting Discourse Subscribers,
Following Up with Lapsed/Inactive Discourse Subscribers, Continuing Outreach to New People


120 students graduated this year, with 95 students participating in the ceremony at the Universal Sheraton. Paul Kaye stepped in as Master of Ceremonies when Dean Jean Zero was called into her ministry for a friend. Each grad received their diploma and a hug from John Morton as they walked across the stage, and John closed the ceremony with a seminar.
“When you are fighting over something, the ego has you on the fast road to hell.” —John Morton


“Is this paradise here and we don’t know it?” —John-Roger
This seminar is given in appreciation for those who financially support IIWP and Windermere, our place of peace.


“As a man thinketh, in his heart he becomes.”
“Get to know your process really well. Find the turning points and redo them.” —the Traveler
A full house greeted J-R and John Morton for this year’s 2-day workshop with the Travelers. Working with the four sacred cows of human existence, we explored our own process and discovered just where that turning point in our consciousness is…and experienced how it is the place of our liberation. When this workshop is offered again…be there!
“The only sin is rejecting God’s love for me the way I am.” excerpt from the new tape packet, Turning Points to Personal Liberation.
A celebration dinner completes this workshop–a time to catch up with friends from around the world, and enjoy classic MSIA entertainment.


120 teens participated in a rock-the-house Teen I, which culminated in one of the most joy and love-filled graduations you could imagine. Teens from diverse cultures and countries, from the inner city of Los Angeles, to Mexico and Sweden, shared no-holds-barred support for one another as they explored life’s big questions and discovered themselves in the process. Try participating in the candlelighting ceremony sometime with the kids who are going to live in the world that Light goes to…and bring some kleenex.


As Moms and Dads explored their turning points to personal liberation, 47 children were in the Children’s Workshop facilitated by Mark Lurie and Marcy Hilecher. They sang “Star Light, Star Bright, Where Do You Want to Send the Light Tonight” with Clea Rose, made “Magic Boxes,” conversed with puppets, danced, and had their own seminar with John Morton. Laura Donnelley Morton talked about dreams, David Bransky did affirmations with the children that were posted all over the room, and Jeeni Lawrence came in and did Light Body. Who wants to go to the Children’s Workshop next year?!!


With people gathering from all over the world, the noise of greetings and catching up outside the meeting room was awesome…and a huge contrast to walking through the doors into the peace and quiet chanting of the HU inside the meeting room. I was reminded of finding my “turning point” during the conference workshop–despite the noise and business of the outer world, the peaceful inner place, the place where I can listen to Spirit and the Traveler, is always available when I turn to it.
More than 900 ministers attended this years meeting in Los Angeles, along with people in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Jillaby, Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia who were on-line with an audio feed.
Music was plentiful, with a serenade by Jesus Garcia and Nathaniel Sharratt, and to complete the meeting, a song with the beautiful Chavez sisters, Monica and Aura Maria.So many people participated, some on stage, and many behind the scenes, to create a moment of peace and grace amongst ministers.

Some highlights from John Morton’s sharing:
“Not everything that shines brightly is a real source of Light and satisfaction.” “Shift toward the liberation, the beauty of the moment, the willingness to embrace the impact, the hurt. Something powerful goes on when we do that.” “Remind yourself: the truth shall set you free.” “The turning point is a place that allows us all opportunities.” “Allow yourself to be open so that today, you oppose nothing. Let go with patience and understanding.”

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