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Support System 1: Inner Worlds of Meditation

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Question: What can I do to get to God?
Answer: Spiritual exercises.

What is the value of spiritual exercises?
The value is in the result. Spiritual exercises are not the goal. They are the means to achieve the goal. The goal is Soul-awareness and God-awareness.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord, p. 40

You’ve heard the old saying about the person who was a success because while everyone else was asleep, they were working away in the night. A little Soul travel goes a long way. This is the inner path.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord, p. 23

We often ask the Traveler, “Am I ready for my next initiation, and if not, what can I do to get it? What do I have to do?” And the answer has always been, “Do spiritual exercises.” That’s always been the answer. It’s never changed.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord, p. 36

Do you get the idea that spiritual exercises also have a lot of joy and fun and upliftment to them? Their premise is uplifting. The end result here is upliftment, joy, expansion. The end result is at-one-ment with God.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord, p. 54

The only thing of true value is that you make the effort to say your tone from the loving consciousness. Love is the key. Loving is the answer.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord, p. 69

The only think I can tell you about spiritual exercises and this path of Soul transcendence is, he wins who endures to the end.
John-Roger, Walking with the Lord

Your job is to awaken to the levels inside you that are asleep, to awaken to the consciousness of love, Light, and Sound.
John-Roger, Inner Worlds of Meditation

To gain awareness of Soul, you move to each moment of Divine beingness. You don’t let your mind disturb you, and you don’t let your emotions push you around.

You just breathe in and breathe out, holding the focus as the present action completes itself.

You don’t complete it. I don’t complete it. The action of Spirit completes itself in its own timing.
John-Roger, The Tao of Spirit

Are you making the most of your life? Are you giving yourself over to Spirit so that every moment of every day is an encounter with God, an awakening of your Soul?
John Morton,
Soul Transcendence Brochure

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