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Just having a glimpse, a spark — any form of true knowledge — begins a progression into the Spirit. The miracle is that in each and every moment we have a new opportunity to realize and awaken to who we are in the Spirit. – John Morton

This article by John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald in February of 2000.

The first and last spiritual promise is God. And then we just have a commentary, an extension of what it means that the promise is God and that God is the promise.

What is a promise? A promise is a solemn oath, a commitment. In this context, “solemn” is sacred in the absolute meaning of that. It is absolute. It will be done.

When we make a promise ourselves, we put ourselves in a commitment, a line of sacred oath and energy towards something. That’s one reason that Travelers don’t make promises in the world, because the world is not a place that delivers absolutes. To make promises in the world is like a gambling of sorts: You may get it, and you may not.

If you don’t get it, what does that mean? What does it mean to break your promise and your sacred oath? It’s a disintegration, a movement into separation and into negativity, because it did not happen as we wanted or imagined. So when we embrace the spiritual promise, we are also coming into our own promise, where we are fulfilling the promise to deliver ourselves to God. That’s really what this life is all about — fulfilling the spiritual promise by doing our part of God.

One approach could be, “Well, if it’s promised, then why do I have to do anything? It’s done, isn’t it?” Yes, God’s part is done, but you have your part in the realizing of it and the fulfillment of it. It’s not an infliction. It happens out of a choice and out of your involvement.

That involvement is natural because not one Soul will be lost. All Souls are found, and “lost” isn’t an issue. So, we’re found — now what? We are in the finding; this world is a place of finding. Part of the finding with God is to realize that there is a spiritual promise. (There are lots of people walking around not realizing there’s a spiritual promise.)

The spiritual promise is not of this world. It’s in Spirit. It’s of God and in the perfection of what that is. And when we open our consciousness and have a glimpse or a realization of that spiritual promise, something transformational takes place. It’s as though we’re all candles, but we don’t really know what that means until we’re lit up. That’s really the promise of a candle — that it is lit and illumination is the fulfillment. The candle really doesn’t have its true meaning until it is lit. We don’t have our true meaning until we are awake in the Spirit.

We are going to do that as our natural destiny. And we’re not going to do it entirely in this world. We’re going to do it in the Spirit, where it is entirely present. We have an opportunity to go through the process of illuminating our consciousness to the spiritual promise. We have a great opportunity in the physical world because the elements of all of creation converge in the physical so we can illuminate the truth of our beingness. We are awakening ourselves on other levels and other states of consciousness by what we’re doing here in the world.

It’s been said, “As above, so below; as below, so above.” There is a relationship between what is in the Spirit and what is in the world. The direction of the promise is into the Spirit, to go into the Spirit, not to come out of the Spirit or go away from the Spirit. When we realize that, then we wake up to that intention with God. We begin the process of fulfilling it and evolving into what it is. Just having a glimpse, a spark — any form of true knowledge — begins a progression into the Spirit. The miracle is that in each and every moment we have a new opportunity to realize and awaken to who we are in the Spirit.

With this as our intention, we then do those things that don’t hinder us in where we are. From this level, it’s more about not getting in the way. If you really want to know what the spiritual focus is here from my point of view, it is this: Don’t get in the way. Don’t hinder, don’t block, don’t restrict. This may sound like a bunch of negatives — don’t, don’t, don’t — and you may wonder why you can’t just do it. That question is never from who you are.

In a way, you’re not capable. But the Spirit is the one doing it, and you allow it to be done. You let go. And the more completely you let go, the more completely you’re letting God fulfill the spiritual promise in you. So it has a lot to do with the process of letting go, releasing what we’d call attachments and distractions, our judgments, the things we hang on to out of the past through our emotions and through our thinking. All of that is part of fulfilling the spiritual promise. You let go and you let God. You are patient and you relax. And God fulfills the spiritual promise in and through you.

Baruch Bashan.


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