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Reflections on “The Blessings” Workshop with John Morton

Article imageThe moment I walked in the room I felt blessed. There was a quiet presence that I was called to participate in. We had been prepared for in a lovely way and I could feel it. As John Morton walked by me to the front of the room the blessing of his presence struck me.

During the evening we had the opportunity to share an issue in our lives with two other participants and to bless it. I watched how easily I changed inside as I asked for a blessing from my heart and received the blessings from the two people in my group.

Being blessed is always my experience when I am with John Morton. Friday night carried an added blessing as I saw how powerfully simple it is to bless my issues and receive the blessing as I do it. The act of blessing brings me right into the equation of loving. I am one with God in the moment of a blessing.

The word Amen has touched me since I was little. Friday night, as I finished my blessing, I said “Amen.” I was struck by the power of that word for me. It is the = sign in the equation of loving. Amen acknowledges I am and we all are equal in God’s heart, in each other’s hearts and in John Morton’s heart. With a blessing of Amen I cross the bridge back to my heart.

The blessing of the night for me was seeing how easy it is to be in the loving through the simple act of blessing and being blessed. We truly are blessed and we are the blessing.

As I walked out holding – The Blessings Already Are signed by John Morton, I found out John had signed a different blessing in each book. Isn’t that just like him – a blessing until the end.


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