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Tea for Two… Travelers

Article imageIf you’ve never been in Irwin and Marilyn Carasso’s backyard in Santa Barbara, you don’t know what you’re missing. There is beautiful greenery, a wonderful view of the ocean just below, and, on Saturday, May 27, there were also two Travelers shining brightly.

The refreshments this year were in the theme of a British Tea, with fresh scones, tasty finger sandwiches (no, not sandwiches made of digits), vegetarian quiche (which all the real men and women ate without hesitance), the freshest fruit salad, and an abundance of beverages. In other words, the basic selves were well taken care of.

So were the conscious selves with lovely harp music courtesy of Marjorie Eaton, a spoofy update on two fictitious MSIA’ers, Megan and Sean, performed by the Basic Self Players Glenn Barnett and Penelope Bright, and an awesome a capella solo performed by Francesca Petruno.

But the event was more for the nourishment of the higher selves. J-R and John Morton (previously known as the father of Claire and Zane, and rapidly becoming known nationwide as the author of “The Blessings Already Are”) treated all present to a tag team round of answering questions.

J-R started out and covered a bunch of questions on topics ranging from Relationships and Family Dynamics to Divorce, Loving, and Adoption. To one person who was on a health regimen that involved diet and said it was hard to stay away from certain foods,
J-R asked one of his “cut to the bottom line” questions: “Would you rather cure the illness or eat the foods that you want that aren’t good for you?” Sound simple? Maybe you can find a way to apply that little tidbit to some area of your life. Then see how simple it is.

John took the clean up position. As he opened he simply asked us to look out at the ocean for a moment. He said that we don’t always connect with the Divine in the material. He pointed out that we might benefit by seeing God reaching to us in all things with a blessing. He went on from there, sharing the blessings as he sees them with each person who shared, and ending with a blessing for the group.

The day was sunny and warm. There was definitely a warm glow from the inside out as the hosts, Robin and Celia Graham (Robin is the new head of the Institute for Individual and World Peace — IIWP) thanked the Travelers and closed the event. The relaxed ambience of folks hanging out on a holiday weekend, with kids all around was heartwarming. This is family, as J-R pointed out. What a great way to spend a day.

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