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Caring For The Land

Article imageDear Friends,

My name is Robin Graham and I became the president of IIWP earlier this year. Since that time, we have been busy cleaning up, investigating, redesigning and creating a lot of things. By the time that you read this [which I wrote in April], much of what we are doing will have become known to you.

One of the things that I would like to share with you is my experience and relationship with the property that we call Windermere. It has its own unique beauty, which many of you have enjoyed. But as I walked the land, I felt “a disturbance in the force.” The land wasn’t happy. It seemed to feel forgotten, devalued, and no longer included in the process of peace. It said that it missed having “the man of Light” come onto the property. It missed the people that used to come with their loving and caring for the land. It missed the joy and laughter of happy people.

One of the steps that we are taking to demonstrate our caring for the land is the creation of a Beautification Team. We’re looking for people that feel connected to the land and are willing to help enhance the beauty already found on the property. We’ll be studying the ecology, creating an improved entrance, beautifying the ponds and planting wildflowers and bulbs. Windermere is to me one of the mirrors of the New Jerusalem, the City of Peace, that is growing in each of us.

Join us in bringing loving back to the land.

Robin Graham
President, IIWP

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