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Heartfelt: Special Events & Warm Memories

Article imageMy dear Family,

This year at Heartfelt has been full of special events and warm memories. In February, 30 children spent a delightful day of service with Heartfelt.In the morning they were provided with all the paper, stickers, lace and trimmings for making unforgettable Valentines cards for the elderly residents of SunBridge Nursing Home in Santa Monica. The children eagerly poured their own unique care and loving creativity into each card. In the afternoon, after a pizza lunch, the children visited the home armed with their Valentines, colorful flowers, and hearts bursting with love.

Countless thank you’s followed the light brigade of children who hand-delivered their gifts to the 90 seniors. Their sweetness and service transformed the facility and brought laughter and tears of joy to everyone around. A SunBridge staff member commented to us: “These are the days that make the other days more livable for them…and for me!”

In March we hosted a “In Celebration of Service” workshop for Heartfelt volunteers, service agencies and their staffs, and anyone in service to others. The workshop, a gift from Heartfelt, was brilliantly designed and facilitated by Mary Ann Somerville and David Bransky and provided a day of renewal, re-inspiration and celebration of a call to serve. We received outstanding accolades and validation from those in attendance that the event exceeded our highest hopes. John Morton capped the day with over an hour of sharing and Q&A with the 90+ participants. It’s been requested that we offer this gift again and we’re looking at dates for next year. Stay tuned.
In April Heartfelt gave a sun-filled Easter morning brunch for over 500 people on the beach in Santa Monica. The attendees included people from John Morton’s Easter Service, the hungry and homeless of the area, and basically anyone walking along the beach that wanted a love filled meal.
The loaves and fishes abounded as people feasted for hours on hot pancakes, fresh baked Easter breads, bagels and cream cheese, Easter eggs, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. There were additionally 200 child-decorated lunch boxes for the homeless filled with a variety of Easter treats which participants, including a local Boy Scout Troop, joyfully passed out along the beach that morning. Truly a great time was had by all! The following sponsors and donors made this event possible, and we encourage your patronage and support of the businesses that support Heartfelt so generously:

Business donors:

Starbucks – 3rd & Wilshire, Santa Monica, CA – 1,000 cups of hot coffee
IHOP/Gateway Hotels, Santa Monica, CA – pancake batter for 1,000
Best Foods Baking Company, Los Angeles, CA – 1,000 Entemann’s baked goods for the homeless
R. Yellin & Company, Los Angeles, CA – 600 pieces of fresh fruit
Manhattan Bagel, Santa Monica, CA — 10 dozen fresh bagels
Vie De France Bakery/Joel Finch, Los Angeles, CA – 400 fresh croissants – for the homeless
Shepherd Packaging Company, Los Angeles, CA – boxes for homeless lunches
Trinity Water Company, Ketchum, Idaho/Lazy Acres Market, Santa Barbara, CA – 10 cases of water
Garvey Nut & Candy, City of Commerce, CA – 10 cases of candy
Santa Monica Distributing Company, Santa Monica, CA – 200 power bars for homeless
NutriBiotic, Petaluma, CA/Safron Sales, Los Angeles, CA – 500 fruit bars for the homeless
City of Santa Monica – permits to hold the event
Avon Rent-a-Car, Santa Monica, CA – discounted truck rental


The Traveler’s Foundation
Pacific Atlantic Crop Exchange
Individual donors:
Julia Pepper & Family – 600 dyed Easter eggs
Karen Cicero — table decorations, flowers, and paper goods
Kathryn Bernstein —300 homemade cookies, 200 juice boxes, 200 bags of chips – homeless lunches

Volunteer team:
Karl and Pam Fledderman, Neal Hightower, David Morton, Holly Englemann, Nann Kyra, Carol Beau, Glenn Barnett, Neil Cohen, Mike McBay, Crisalis Morgan, Carol Meyer, Sherwood Platte, Rachel Espinoza, Carol Tillman Boroweic, Marcy Hilecher, the children of Pinecrest Elementary School, Boy Scout Pack #546/Granada Hills, and a host of loving helpers.

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