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The Mystical Traveler . . . and More

This article is from a seminar John-Roger gave back in 1969.

There are many realms of Light and many forces of Light. There is what we call the Supreme God, or the Sarmad, although the name of God is actually unspeakable. In the center is what we could call the It of Itself. (This still says nothing, but we have to use words for communication on this level, even though what I am saying is a “lie” because these spiritual things can’t really be put into words.) This It of Itself is what we’re going towards, and there are many pathways into God.

How does the Mystical Traveler fit in? The Traveler’s work here is to take the Soul back up to the fifth realm, the Soul realm. That’s all. If you want to go higher, that’s something else, and after you receive the Soul initiation physically, you and the Traveler may make another agreement to work together spiritually above the Soul realm.

You have to be ready for a Mystical Traveler in order to have one work with you. We can trace back through the ages and see that many of the mystery schools, the hierophants, the adepts all had a Mystical Traveler, who taught them the way into the higher realms of Light–taught them, showed them, and, when that person allowed it, took them, but never would violate their consciousness on any level: not just the person consciously here, but also the basic consciousness and the high-self consciousness.

Within the Soul realm, the realm of self-realization, you realize your true self. This is not the little self, not the “I” of your personality, but the “I” of the God-man. We all must enter into self-realization because this is really the true home of the self. At this point is the Sat Guru.

Sat Nam was a Sat Guru. Sat Nam is the Lord of this dispensation, who manifests Light to all layers and levels. Sat Nam is the one who, through checking through dispensations of karmic actions, through evolvement, through dedication to mankind, through focus, through all the actions, chooses you to work under what we call in Western society the Christ Light or Christ Consciousness. Although this is Western terminology, it does not denote race, religion, creed, or color. In the universes, it is called the Light Bearer.

The Sat Guru picks you out. You could be down here in the physical, and he could come to your Soul body and take you through the realms of Light, maybe not in one lifetime, although that could happen; maybe it would be in fifteen lifetimes. The Sat Guru takes you through all these realms and initiates you through every realm of consciousness so that you come to the Sarmad, that you become It of Itself and recognize what is there in the absolute reality. At this point of absolute reality, you know that everything else is an illusion.

All in the Soul realm and above is pure Spirit. All below the Soul realm is negative (but not bad) Spirit; it is negative like on a battery, which has both positive and negative poles and needs both to function. The Mystical Traveler is not subject to these negative realms or to karmic law unless he allows it. Whoever is anchoring the Traveler Consciousness here on the planet will usually accept upon himself something to keep him in the physical. It could be having one leg a lot shorter than the other leg, or it could be a hunched back. He’ll take something that will put him here to keep him aware of his physical body because to be a Mystical Traveler, you must function on all levels of Light, which includes the physical level. (Anyone who does not function on the physical level is not a Light Master.) This is the highest office that we all will inherit through our dispensations. We inherit it through the line of these Masters that we call upon.

Everyone in these seminars is part of this line of Masters or you wouldn’t be here. You’re learning about your mystery school. You’re learning about your birthright. You’re learning how to bypass all of the lower levels to enter into the Mystical Traveler and come towards the Soul or any level that you have evolved your perfected consciousness into. There are many in this line of Mystical Travelers. You people in here have the spiritual promise, the high probability, of becoming a Mystical Traveler, maybe not here on this planet, but they’re needed in other universes and other galaxies, too.

Many lifetimes have been spent by many Souls evolving into the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler, and, when they’ve gotten there, they have sat next to great senators and priests and kings, and nobody knew that that humble person was a Mystical Traveler, but he was still doing his work of bringing those Souls back into the God center that otherwise would have had to go a longer route. There are many people who do Soul travel, and there are many schools that will teach you Soul travel. You can Soul travel out of the body, but you cannot enter into higher realms of consciousness unless you come into a Mystical Traveler, who is on all realms of consciousness.

God is everywhere in all things, from the highest intellect to the dumbest intellect. The Mystical Traveler must do this, also. When entering into the great mentality of the Universal Mind, for example, the Traveler will often bring forth tremendous knowledge. The Traveler can also come into the consciousness of a person who might not know what’s going on. When the Traveler is in the lowest consciousness, people who are higher may say, “That’s a stupid thing to do,” but the Traveler is here to lift all mankind. This means that the Traveler must come to all mankind, not only to a little group in Cypress or Encino or someplace else.

And the Traveler always gives up to God, always. He will always say, “But it is God, but it is God.” A lot of people say, “John-Roger, thank you for doing this,” and I say, “The Light did it.” All I’m doing is working like a transformer to step down the Light into this level of consciousness here. But it is God. It is always God.

Baruch Bashan.

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