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John Morton during the PTS Tour of the Holy Land, July 2023

The Choice To Love

In MSIA, we teach taking the short-cut as much as we can. And the short-cut is inside. That’s the shortest distance between you and your love. So we teach, “Let’s go to the love right now, in this breath.” – John Morton

This article by John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in January of 2004.

There are no errors in love. We can distance ourselves from the loving by being pulled into some distortion of the loving, yet even the distortion of the loving is still loving. It’s just something that’s of a lower vibration, a conditioned kind of love. When we realize that our true state cannot be conditioned, we know that the conditions have no power over the love and, also, no power over us because we are the love. About that point, we find no real difference between God and ourselves. If God was in the flesh, God would be doing what we’re doing.

It’s remarkable that this has the quality of ordinariness. The negative power will tell you, “It’s very exalted, with this big throne, all kinds of guards, and big walls, and you need to have a giant key and all these magic powers.”  There’s the distortion. The reality is, “No, just be yourself.” In this world, we all know how difficult it can be to just be yourself, to own it, to be relaxed in who you are, and to not be fearful about this.

Spiritually, when we behold who we are, we realize that there is nothing that can happen to us bodily or elsewhere in the world that we fear. So then we can be ourselves freely, openly. We can say, “I am the truth.” Is this the only truth, like an exclusive truth? No, not that kind of truth. It’s an all-pervasive truth that is true in every way. So you don’t have to fight for it because you can’t possess it. Rather, you just let it be. That’s more the reality of the truth: You no longer resist it.
The parts of you that you resist most often are based on fear. If we wanted to boil down the negative power, we could just call it fear or the denial of the truth. And why do we deny the truth? Usually because we’re afraid. For example, why do we lie? Usually, it’s because we were afraid that if we revealed the truth, something very terrible would happen.

The one who runs that show is the one who is the liar, the one who denies the truth. The one who is the truth realizes that the truth is everywhere and it’s uninhibited, unstoppable, so it sets you free. When you get on to the truth and you are of the truth, there’s no stopping you, so you overcome all things. And that’s the truth of who you are in this world. There’s no condition that stops you. There’s no negativity that is your enemy. If anything, it puts you into the crucible, where the experiences can be intense: If you’re glued, you become unglued; if you’re attached, you fall apart or come apart at the seams. Often the way that’s described is, “I’m crazy. I can’t contain my reality any longer. I don’t have the strength to run it. So I’m just letting go, which may seem like I’m giving up.” This is the “crazy” that keeps us from going insane.

There’s a kind of crazy that’s insanity, which is basically not in tune with the reality; it’s out of whack, a chaotic, inharmonious, disconnected, discontinuous field of some kind. And then there’s a kind of crazy that’s free, that is at the whim of the wind that blows from heaven. The difficulty in this world is that not everybody feels that wind or responds to it consciously. So if you do, others may accuse you of being wrong, bad, or in need of being locked up. But you answer to God. So at that point, you store your treasures where God keeps them safe and the world can’t get them. Then it doesn’t really matter how others react or whatever happens. Your truth is all you really need to know.

Have you ever considered that the world can set you free? To the world it can look like, “We got rid of her. We terminated her.” In the Spirit, it’s like an early home-coming: “You completed really soon. We took you as soon as we could get you.” No matter when you are set free of this world—and the Travelers teach longevity to clear as much karma as possible—it’s cause for rejoicing. Being free of this world is a celebration.

While you are in this world, it’s a good idea to connect to love. You can make it a kinesthetic experience, like squeezing your toes a little bit, so you know that “when I remember to squeeze my toes, I love this, and I go free.” It’s also a good idea to have a kinesthetic experience that assists you to disengage from what you think or feel so that “regardless, I love this. It doesn’t matter what I think about it. It doesn’t matter what I feel about it. That’s not as important as choosing to love this.” That’s something I carry as my dedication. And I carry it out through a decision that becomes a choosing. My dedication to love registers as my decision and choice to love.

You must do that over and over in order for it to become your reality. Our human experience shows that we can’t do it once and for all. In fact, we can spend a great deal of our time disconnected, as if something is constantly pushing us off. It comes at us every way to give the impression that we’re not loving. As we choose the loving, we realize, “Aha. No wonder I chose this boss. No wonder I chose this spouse, this mother, this father, this son, this daughter, this world at this time, this place.” You realize it’s all one big set-up to bring you what you need so you can choose back into the loving, into Spirit.

In MSIA, we teach taking the short-cut as much as we can. And the short-cut is inside. That’s the shortest distance between you and your love. So we teach, “Let’s go to the love right now, in this breath.” Let’s teach ourselves to do that in every breath. That’s a great challenge because negativity keeps pushing us off and making us forget our divinity.

If I do forget, I allowed it. Nothing ever made me go off. I chose to go off even if by lack of staying conscious. And it wasn’t about what happened to me in the world or even what I did. What got me off is what happened inside me, where I lost consciousness, lost sight of the presence of the holy, and forgot that it’s all holy. I forgot that when God issued the creation, it was all sanctified, so no part of it is unholy.

Christ told us about “doing it to the least one of them,” so if you treat the least one of them as holy, you’re treating the Christ in that way. People often say, “I would never do anything against you, Lord. I mean, you’re the Lord. You’re my beloved.” But Jesus said that when we do to the least one of them, he is in that. There’s no separation.

You can reconnect to the consciousness that sees no separation, sees no evil, sees only the good. We refer to that as the Christ, the one who was anointed of that consciousness of God. It is the sight, the knowing, the perception, the vision that as you see through the Christ, you see no evil. Instead, you see that it’s all good. Some of it is a lesser good, in need of some love, but it’s still good. By you applying that love, you save yourself.

What’s the test here on this earth? Loving it all. As soon as you don’t love something, that’s when you get miserable. You might say, “Yeah, but it really is awful. That thing is bad. It’s not lovable.” Says who? Not the Christ. The one who forgot says that. The one who is in darkness says that. The one who’s false says that. When you know better, you don’t listen to that one. That’s when your faith puts you back in line because you realize, “My dedication won’t allow me to not love, so I must love. And if necessary, I withdraw my involvement to the place inside of me that is the source of love. And I renew myself in that love.”

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Iwuoha Patience

    The blessings already are. Thanks Dear Lord and dear Traveler and dear Leigh for all the unconditional loving and blessings for us all. I am grateful and forever indebted to you. I am blessed because you are there for us all inspect of race and colours. I love you Dear Traveler, you are a blessing to us all.

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